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The acid of a blue goanna used in this gun's ammo will pierce any enemy on its way. It was first created by the brother of Block, Cube Hampton, and his research on the nature of acid and poisons.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Acid Cannon is a Special weapon introduced in the 10.5.0 update.


The Acid Cannon is a gun in the Special category that is acid green colored. The bullets are pretty big and the weapon is most commonly used in close combat. The damage is pretty high, the fire rate is decent, and it has good capacity but low mobility.


This gun has a bulky appearance. It's quite big, but its handle is too small comparing to the rest of the gun. It's mostly green with red and grey details. In the middle of the weapon, there's what resembles to be a green skull.


While shooting, the upper parts of the weapon will quickly go up and down. If a shot from this weapon hit the player's opponent, he/she will get the Poison.png effect and some damage. Acid Cannon shoots acid green coloured projectiles that have some travel time.

This weapon reloads after shooting 18 times from it. At first, the weapon's magazine is taken out. After some time, it is put back into a weapon. While reloading, the upper bulging parts of Acid Cannon aren't shown and they're in the weapon. At the end of reload, they will be shown again and the player will be able to shoot . The reload animation is 4 seconds long.

The weapon doesn't have any types of Delay Mechanics, but it's not good for the Three Category Spam because of the slow travel time.


This weapon deals moderate damage, high rate of fire, below-average capacity and moderate mobility for levels between 7 and 16.


  • It's recommended to use this weapon against large groups of enemies.
  • Its piercing shots allow you to damage several players with a single rocket. Take advantage of this feature in battle.
  • However this weapon after 11.2.0 has a poison function, so you can always save ammo by hitting them with fewer rockets and waiting for them to die of poison.


  • The Acid Cannon takes quite a lot of time to reload, so attack your opponent while he's reloading.
  • Although it is a spammy weapon, it doesn't have a lot of ammo and the rockets don't fly that fast, so it's best to dodge the shots and then attack when they reload.
  • Strafe around to dodge this weapon‘s projectiles.


Information Image
  • Name: Golden
  • Cost: Obtainable from the Golden Skins Chest, previously costed 100 Gem.png
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Released: 11.0.0
Gold acid cannon.png

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a long-ranged weapon with no bullet travel time.



  • Initial release.


  • It was given the Poison.png attribute.




  • This weapon is one of the few weapons to make it into the Battle Royale game mode. This weapon was previewed on Facebook and was a secret weapon that would be revealed when they got 8000 likes.
  • This weapon is comparable to the Barrier Rifle.


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