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A laser rifle now in adamant body. It was created to honor the toughest warriors of today. The laser's characteristics were left the same.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Adamant Laser Cannon is a Primary weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is an adamant themed laser cannon that shoots laser bullets at a high fire rate. It has good DPS(Damage Per Second), a really high fire rate, a good capacity, and great mobility.


It appears to be the Crystal Laser Cannon, but in a different color scheme, much like the Adamant Trophy's scheme. It has a green and orange base, a purple and blue ammo pack, and the barrel is green and orange, with 3 blue rings around. It has two orange handles (one for each hand). It has a yellow/green tip at the end of the gun.


This weapon emits tiny laser bullets at a high fire rate. These bullets, despite being lasers, do not emit a beam like the Prototype and the Thunderer, but are just as invisible as weapons shooting regular bullets like the Swat Rifle and the Ranger Rifle. These bullets have an instant bullet travel time and the weapon's accuracy barely decreases while spraying and praying.

When reloading, the amethyst block from the weapon is taken out and is replaced by a spare one. It has no delay mechanics.


  • Buying with 1880 Coin.png from the Armory (Unlock at level 50)
  • Buying with 500 Tickettrans.png from the Gallery



  • Use it the same way you would use the Crystal Laser Cannon.
  • This primary does not have a scope so it's advised to use at medium range from your target.
  • This weapon has a high rate of fire, which can be used to overwhelm users using a slower-firing weapon.
  • The Laser Cannon will empty its magazine quickly and the reload time is sluggish. Be sure to keep a viable backup weapon handy for a tight situation.
    • Unless you choose to use Laser Cannon for the entire battle, make sure to pair this with Cowboy Hat (greatly accelerates reloading speed and greatly increases the cartridge of weapons by 13% from every section of the), Upgraded Magazine (Increases reload acceleration for Primary Weapons) and max Storm Trooper Cape (increases damage and reloading speed for any Primary category weapon).
    • If your opponent charges at you while you are almost done reloading another weapon, you can catch them off guard and blast them with this weapon's high rate of fire, and great accuracy, due to the crosshairs separating from each other slowly.
      • If possible, equip the Turbo Charger to boost its accuracy, fire without wasting ammunition and cause mass panic to the opponent.
  • This is effective against mobile targets and useful for tearing down enemy armor.
    • However, make sure that you have a lock on the target, because if you miss then you will be wasting ammo.
  • Go for weakened opponents or/and aim for the head to maximize Efficiency per shot and conserving ammunition.
    • Although dealing less damage, bodyshots are not a problem for this weapon, as it should be very easily take your opponent down.
  • Due to its high mobility, it should be used as an offensive weapon more than using this as a defensive weapon.
  • To avoid snipers, you need to consistently strafe and dodge while jumping in order to reduce the risk of getting killed.
  • This is a good weapon for cover fire. However, please take note that you are highly vulnerable to snipers and one-shot weapons.


  • This weapon is much like the Crystal Laser Cannon, except it has a much higher Efficiency. So counter this like it's weaker counterpart. Though after the 16.0.0 update, they are pretty much the same weapon, so this weapon has the same difficulty to counter as the Crystal Laser Cannon.
  • The Time Machine can help, as you can go behind them and use it to get away from its laser bullets.
  • If you were to encounter an opponent with the Laser Cannon, you should wait for the opponent to reload before attacking. Then you can interrupt the process by either killing the opponent or making him/her switch to a separate weapon.
  • Inexperienced or hasty users will spray and pray. This will empty their magazine quickly and may buy you some time for a counterattack.
  • Be careful and stay alert, for experienced players can easily use this weapon in all ranges due to the low recoil. They can also conserve and save ammo efficiently. It is advised to try and stay behind something or tale cover into buildings or into corridors.
  • Using a weapon that provides more damage per shot, like a rifle, will put a user down quickly.
  • In a direct fight, be sure to remain mobile as a stationary target is easier to kill, regardless of the range. Jumping should very easily help you evade headshots, body shots however are harder to dodge.
  • Any one shot weapons can do the trick against its user(s).
  • Keep out of its user(s) sight, especially when you are very vulnerable or have low health.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

It's best to bring along another weapon that reloads quickly due to the fact that the Laser Cannon takes a long time to reload, thus the player should be equipped with a weapon in a different category that reloads quickly. Players should also have a weapon for long-range duels. Equip an area damage weapon so that it can counter other area damage weapons.

Bringing a long-ranged weapon (Preferrably a sniper) is also recommended.


  • It is possible the whole gun could be made of adamant, which is an actual word that refers to any kind of hard, rock-like substance. Therefore, different colors may not be different materials.
  • This, Crystal Laser Cannon, Neutron Pulsator are tied for the fastest firerate and Efficiency per shot in the primary category.
  • In the current update, this weapon is 11 headshots kill against Polygon dummies.
    • It takes 2 more headshots to kill an actual opponent.

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