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An adamant weapon is a worthy reward for the distinguished service. This rifle, for example, has 10x zoom and low recoil, but high attack speed.

—Weapons description in Gallery

The Adamant Sniper Rifle is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is an adamant-themed sniper rifle that shoots regular bullets at a high fire rate for a sniper. It has decent damage, a high fire rate for a sniper rifle, a mediocre capacity for its fire rate and a low mobility.


This weapon is a reskinned version of the Guerrilla Rifle with Adamant Armour-style colours.

It has a green buttstock, a golden grip, a green receiver with a black skull on it, a golden magazine, a golden handguard, the barrel is a teal, crystal-like color and has a magenta muzzle brake. It also features a blue and purple scope. Its neon-like colour shines brightly.


This weapon, taking a few shots to kill and due to the quick firing rate and the scope, it is very accurate at long range, and even if the player miss it can quickly fire off another 7-8 shots to get the job done. This weapon shoots regular bullets with instant bullet travel time.

When reloading, the magazine is taken out and is replaced by another. It has no delay mechanics.


It deals medium high damage, has high fire rate, average capacity for a Sniper, and moderate weight.


  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • It's high fire rate and 10x zoom can prove it's useful for both close and long ranges.
  • Due to the high rate of fire, you can use this against other lethal Snipers that don't have wall-break, such as Wyvern or Elephant Hunter.
  • Try to conserve ammo and reload often since it does not have that much ammo.
  • Use this to finish off weakened targets.


  • Try to catch them off-guard or while they are reloading.
  • Its fire rate can easily deplete its ammo, use this as your advantage to kill them while reloading.
  • It does not have wall-break, so take cover while reloading your weapon.
  • Use wall-break Snipers while they are hiding behind a wall.
  • This itself can be useful for countering.
  • Try rocket jumping around the user to minimize the chance of getting hit.

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