Packed love bringing pleasure in small portions of a bullet. Very easy to carry around, so the agents of Amour now use it as their Primary!

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Agent Valentine is a Primary weapon introduced in the 15.99.0 update. It is obtained from the Valentine's Trader's Van.


This is a Valentine themed Primary weapon that has pink, red, silver, grey, blue, yellow and black colours in it. The weapon has high damage, high fire rate, low capacity and medium mobility.


The weapon takes the form of a suitcase when not in use and in the armory. It is metallic light pink with a heart in the middle. It also has a grey handle and silver grey hinges. When wielded, it turns to a weapon.


This weapon automatically shoots pink bullets with instant travel time. The weapon has 4x scope making it useful for long range battles.

After shooting 25 times, the weapon reloads. While reloading, the magazine is taken out and then put back into a weapon. The reload animation is 3 seconds long.

The weapon can't be used normally for the Three Category Spam because it's automatic and it has low damage per one shot (even not depending on the Delay Mechanics). It has fixed delay meaning there will always be a small delay whenever the player switches to this weapon.



  • The "Charm" attribute can easily deal with those with overpowered arsenals.
  • Aim for the head to maximize Efficiency and conserve ammo.
  • Its mobility is not high enough for fleeing, so switch to high mobility melees if you need to retreat.
  • When reloading make sure you are safe.
  • Use this to weaken/finish off targets.


  • If you see someone with a pink suitcase, be aware as they are dangerous.
  • If you spot a user, avoid their line of sight as the bullets reduce your weapon's Efficiency.
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Strafe so he/she will waste ammo firing towards you.
  • Area damage weapons will do the trick.
  • Use this weapon yourself to counter if all else failed.
  • Getting up close and hitting them with a shotgun such as the Undertaker, can prove useful.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Use this as a general purpose Primary weapon for any loadouts or playstyles.



  • Initial release.


  • It's based on one of James Bond's spy gadgets.
  • The 'briefcase in a gun' is based off the Magpul FMG-9.
    • While the Magpul FMG-9 needs it's magazine to go inside of the gun it's self to look like a briefcase, Agent Valentine is the briefcase


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Agent Valentine in the Armory.

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Agent Valentine in the Trader's Van.

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