The Alien is an enemy found in the Pixelated World level Area 52. It also features three advanced versions found in Crossed Worlds's Space Station wearing spacesuits along with various weaponry equipped. These weapons seem to be the 0xbadc0de, the Dark Force Saber, and the Alien Gun. It also has an armed version where they are holding the Alien Gun in Area 52. In addition, the Alien appears in several different waves via Arena.


The Alien is a small alien with two large blue-tinted eyes, a small mouth, green skin, and a head that is slightly wider than its body. There are different types of aliens that include ones with weapons like swords or guns, or others that are unarmed, but attack with their fists.


The Alien will run at the player, covering ground surprisingly fast. When attacking the player, it will raise its arms at a 90-degree angle. Once that happens and the player is within its reach damage will be dealt to the player. Some aliens are armed with Alien Gun. An armed alien will walk much slower than an unarmed specimen and will deal damage from longer ranges.


Both the unarmed alien and the armed aliens share the same statistics.

Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 1Heart new.png 5Heart new.png Fast
Medium 3Heart new.png 10Heart new.png Fast
Hard 5Heart new.png 25Heart new.png Fast


  • Stay away from the aliens and shoot them from a distance with a sniper like the Anti-Champion Rifle or the Prototype S, as they have a limited attack range.
  • Do not stand in one place for too long, as the armed aliens can easily reach you and attack.
  • The unarmed aliens need some seconds to swing their arm at you, so use that time to quickly eliminate them with a Melee weapon.


  • The more advanced version of the Space Aliens are found in the Space Station in campaign mode.
  • There is a Siege Monster based on the advanced Aliens (Space Station version) known as the Alien Squad.
  • When the Alien shoots at you it emits a rocket similar to that of the Solar Power Cannon.
  • In a room in Area 52, you can find a morgue of dead aliens.
  • In the 10.0.0 update, some aliens can now use the Alien Gun.
  • In the 10.1.0 update, there is now a skin similar to it and it is called the Big Alien.
  • Both the armed and the unarmed aliens possess the same statistics besides one being ranged and one not.
  • There is a Skin for players that costs 20 Coin.png via Armory, but it appears taller and shaded a little bit different.


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