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The aliens used it as a tool to play skibi-ball (something in-between billiards and basketball). We have received a re-worked (militarized) version.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Alien Bouncer is a Special weapon added in the 15.7.0 update. It can be obtained from the Christmas Invasion Battle Pass.


It is an alien-themed gun that shoots a cyan laser beam with a ricochet. It has high damage, a slow fire rate, a good capacity, and bad mobility. It is a 1-2 headshot and a shot 2 bodyshot.


This weapon appears to be an alien-themed rifle like gun that has a non-usable scope. There is a floating cube in the middle of the weapon acting as the magazine. It is mostly a grey, blue, and white sniper looking weapon.


This weapon emits a light cyan laser beam with instant bullet travel time that is visible to opponents. This laser beam can bounce through walls and can pierce through players.

When reloading, the cube is taken out and is replaced by another.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Alien Bouncer always has a delay lasting around a second.



  • Use it similarly to the Laser Bouncer or Reflector (Weapon), but with a slightly higher fire rate.
  • Use the ricochet attribute to your advantage.
  • The mobility isn't perfect, so switch to a high mobility weapon when not using this thing.
  • Do not be fooled as its scope is not usable.
  • It has a delay, so you can't 3 cat spam with this weapon.
  • This weapon can be a good weapon for long range combat despite not having a scope due to it's high accuracy.


  • Strafe around so you don't get hit.
  • Attack the user when they're reloading.
  • Try attacking the user from long range as this weapon doesn't have a scope.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups


  • Initial release.
  • The capacity was nerfed from 11 to 7.


  • It is the 4th alien weapon to be added to the game, the others being the Alien Rifle, Alien Blaster, Alien Sniper Rifle, and Alien Cannon
  • It is one of the few weapons with scopes that are not functional.
  • This is the only alien themed weapon that is Mythical.
  • It is one of the few Special weapons that are shaped like a sniper weapon.
  • This is last alien white and blue theme since all other alien category weapon has already been released (aside from the melee).
  • It can be used for Three Category Spam by going to a Private Match and turn on old school movement.

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