For the weapon, see Alligator (Weapon).

The Alligator is an uncommon enemy in Terrifying Resort. It also appears in the Scary Pizzeria, along with Wave 5 in Arena.


This enemy is a green alligator, presumably an animatronic, with a pink bow tie and two long sets of teeth lining both the upper and lower jaw. This enemy also has black rings around his eyes. When walking its head will always look to his right. This choice of design either shows that it is an intended feature of the animatronic or that its head is broken.


This enemy will slowly walk towards the player until he is at a certain distance, he will proceed to spit brown projectiles at the player that are similar to the projectiles the Poisonous Plant shoots. This fluid acts as a projectile and does not loop.


  • Simply stay away and shoot them from afar.
  • A high fire rate or high damaging weapon should easily kill this monster.
  • For beginners, try to keep moving and stay away from close ranges.
  • The projectiles have a travel time,so try to dodge them by using a high mobility (at least 85) weapon.
  • Keep in mind it can spit projectiles; avoid these using Berserk Boots or Ninja Tabi (PG3D),as you can move faster when you use them.
  • Try to use high damage weapons such as Anti-Champion Rifle.
  • Like the other ranged monsters in Co-op Survival, be careful as they shoot tons of balls at once that will kill you if you don't keep moving.


  • This is the first ranged enemy being an Animatronic instead of a monster.
  • It is based on the weapon and the skin.
  • This, surprisingly, is somewhat similar to the Peashooter, due to the ability to spit projectiles.
  • This monster is actually not from FNAF even if it is classified and grouped with other FNAF related monsters (in PG3D).
    • Due to the upcoming game, FNAF Security Breach, it will eventually be classified as an actual FNAF-related animatronic.
  • It can be found in Toy Factory.
  • The Alligator is a weapon version of this.
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