The Amplifier is a Device introduced in the 12.0.0 update.


It appears to be an orange and silver dish antenna with 4 blue legs. It has a construction-themed stand on top of the legs. The Amplifier also indicates a screen, which indicates an egg, which is known as the Simple Egg.


It is used to get Eggs two times faster.


  • It may be possible that the dish antenna is used for the placed screen on it.
  • It is the only device that gives its crafters 10 Exp icon.png. Others give 5 Exp icon.png.
  • It is the most expensive device, and it requires the longest building time and the highest level out of all the devices
  • It is the only device that gives an advantage of getting eggs.
  • This and the Lucky Clover are the only devices that provide advantages, but which do not have to do with Currencies.
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