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It is given to one champion to kill several champions. The beam will penetrate several targets and potentially give you several headshots for one shot.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Anti-Champion Rifle, commonly abbreviated as the Anti-Champ or the ACR by its initials, is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a champion-themed sniper rifle that possesses a 10x scope. It fires a red beam that can penetrate walls. Being a reskin of the Anti-Hero Rifle, it usually can 1 shot kill at any range when upgraded to maximum efficiency. Additionally, has a low firing rate of 60, an average capacity of 6, and a decent-low mobility of 65.


It is a reskinned version of the Anti-Hero Rifle with Champion-style colors having a red crystal replacing the green one in its Legendary counterpart. It also has a black and white magazine with a red cell in it, and four black cords connecting the gun to the crystal. It posses the same colors as the other champion weapons. These include the Champion Peacemaker, Champion Mercenary, Champion Electric Arc, and the Champion Solar Cannon.


The weapon has a two-handed grip. When shooting, it will emit a red laser beam with instant bullet travel time that deals extremely high amounts of damage. It has a low fire rate, followed by six laser beams per magazine. Upon spawning, it has initial two extra magazines. The laser beam can also go through walls and players, but as it pierces through obstacles, its damage diminishes. It also has a 10x scope, which can be useful for sniping at long ranges.

When reloading, the magazine that is located at the bottom of the gun were is taken out and replaced with a fresh one. The front of the gun (The crystal) shrinks in length.

It has both Input Delay (Receives other weapons' holster speed delay to this weapon) and Output Delay (Delays other weapons' holster speed). This means when once the Anti-Champion rifle is shot, it will take time to fire a selected weapon other than it. The Output delay on the other hand delays the Anti-Champion Rifle's (or any weapons in this manner) initial shot when brandished out of holster.

For example, if the user switches to a weapon with a high fire rate after firing the Anti-Champion Rifle, it gives the rapid-fire weapon significant Output delay (therefore it takes some time for the user to shoot any rounds out of it). Speaking of delays, the ACR also has Input delay, meaning when the user fires the rapid-fire weapon first before swapping to the Anti-Champion Rifle, the rifle receives little Input delay. (This only applies if the rapid fire weapon has output delay) In conclusion, Input and Output delays correspond to weapons' fire rate, though the Anti-Champion has a slower fire rate and it give out high Output delay for other weapons while it receiving Input delay relies on how fast other weapons shoot.



  • Use this similarly to the Anti-Hero Rifle.
  • Aim for the head for a guaranteed kill.
  • Utilize this like any wall-break sniper, it works exactly the same. If you happen to spot a name tag from behind a wall, then try aiming directly below the name tag. With enough skill and practice, you can easily headshot the opponents and kill them through the wall.
  • Use the 10x zoom in large maps such as Ant's Life to maximize the gun's efficiency and accuracy.
  • In Flag Capture, if the other team happens to have taken your flag, aim a bit lower for the flag for a chance to kill the flag-bearer, thus buying your team/flag some time and earn extra score.
  • Equip damage boosting gear; Burning Tiara, Hunter's Altar, Sniper Cape and Halloween Mask to improve the weapon's efficiency even more.
  • Though it has high damage, the reload speed is slow (approximately 4 seconds), so seek for cover whenever you want to reload.
  • Granted the player has their tiara and cape editor equipped, this weapon requires Level 7 modules to one shot all players except those with mythical armor, and Level 9 modules to one shot all players.


  • This weapon has a low capacity, mobility, rate of fire, and slow reloading speed. Try to strafe around using high-jump gear and high mobility weapons and kill the enemy when they are reloading.
  • Get in close range. However, beware that experienced opponents can kill you without the scope.
  • Do a zigzag formation to dodge its shots and switch to a superior fire-rate weapon.
  • The weapon leaves a tracer when it shoots so use this to your advantage to track the user(s) down.
  • In Sniper Forts, don't try to camp, even though wall-break shots reduces its Efficiency, this weapon would still deal heavy damage or even kill you if you don't have any armor left.
  • Use the Anti-Champion Rifle yourself or other weapons with high DPS (damage per shot) such as the Morgana.
    • If you don’t own the Anti-Champion Rifle, out-snipe the opponent with other wall-break weapons such as the Prototype S or the Railgun.
  • Use the Reflector gadget to make the sniper less interested in hitting you or if they hit you in the head, the opponent will most likely die but you might die as well.
  • Alternatively, inflicting Charm on the enemy will make the gun deal less damage if you do get hit.
  • If the user rocket jumps, wait for the user to rocket jump and then rocket jump to be above him/her, giving you a height advantage.
  • Use area damage or burning weapons to disorient his/her aim.
  • Use the energy melee module combo (energy melee module, Astral Blade, Alloy


Purchasing it from the armory for 500 Gem.png if you reach to level 45

Previously, it was obtainable from the Armory between 13.2.0 and 15.5.0 via Gem.png . However, for unconfirmed reasons, this weapon, along with the other Champion-themed weapons, were removed from the Armory, but then they are brought back again as of the between the 15.9.0 and the update.


Information Image
  • Name: Steampunk
  • Cost: 100 Gem.png
  • Grade: Epic
  • Released: 16.4.1
  • Name: Watermelon
  • Cost: 100 Gem.png
  • Grade: Epic
  • Released: 16.4.1
  • Name: Decorated Spruce
  • Cost: Obtained from the Trader's Van (Formerly); now for 100 Gem.png from the armory
  • Grade: Epic
  • Released: 17.1.0

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Carry an 85+ mobility melee such as the Katana.
  • Always have backup weapon(s) when you are reloading.
  • Have a powerful weapon for use in the heavy section for closer ranges, as this weapon is inaccurate in close range.
  • Finish off the opponent with a superior firerate primary/backup if they survive the first shot.


This weapon is undoubtedly one of the most popular weapons in the game. When accessible to many players (like in the Armory or in the Trader's Van at a cost that many players can afford), many players would wish to buy it. It is often loved and wanted by many players, but others dislike it due to its performance being overpowered, and/or the number of times being used, and/or its popularity. Players who don't like this weapon requested the developers to remove this weapon from the Armory, and they successfully did so, making it only available in the Trader's Van for some time. However, as of the update, they returned it in the Armory for 500 Gem.png, making it available to be purchased again.

Some of veteran players originally used the Prototype, as it is the first sniper to have a similar performance of being able to shoot lasers that go through walls. When 10.3.0 came out, players started using the Anti-Hero Rifle, which has a similar performance to the Prototype. During the 13.2.0 update, people started using this weapon mainly because they assumed the champion reskin would be stronger. In reality however, it didn't have a large margin until many of the snipers became 2 shots, such as the Prototype and the Anti-Hero Rifle.


The weapon's name derives from the name of the original form of this weapon, the Anti-Hero Rifle. "Anti-Hero" indicates kryptonite in this context and "rifle" indicates that it is a sniper rifle. Given that this weapon is champion-themed and the crystal is red instead of green, it indicates that it is rather kryptonite for the Pixel Gun 3D "champions", therefore, which is why the name is "Anti-Champion Rifle".




  • This along with a lot of other Sniper weapons were nerfed to 2 headshots/body shots kill.
    • In an unknown update, it has been buffed once again to a 1 shot kill when fully upgraded.


  • This and the other Champion weapons get removed from the game for unknown reasons.


  • This got added back again along with the other champion weapons.


  • This weapon gets added into the Trader's Van. It was removed from the Armory and Gallery, but then it was brought back shortly after. Nonetheless, it's unlocked at Level 49 instead of 51.

17.6.0 - 17.8.0


  • It's mobility (like other weapons in this update), got buffed due to a bug as this weapon's previous mobility was 65, presently 85.
  • The bug was fixed and its mobility has been brought back to 65. All other weapons that got their mobility buffed was also fixed.


  • It was added back into the Armory for 500 Gem.png.


  • It received a new animation for firing and reloading along with many others which gave this and other sniper's a revamped animation.


  • Surprisingly enough, because of a recent buff, the Anti-Hero Rifle does more damage than this weapon. (IF you upgrade the Anti-Hero Rifle to share the same animation but with different colors and sounds at Mythical)
  • This is the only Champion-themed weapon to not start with the word “Champion.”
  • The gem on the tip of the gun kind of refers to Superman Kryptonite except that it's red instead of green.
  • Despite being listing as a Mythical, it's a common weapon and you can see many players using it. This trait is shared with almost all weapons.
  • In the 15.3.1 update, this gun does the fourth most amount of damage per beam. It is outclassed by the Prototype S, the Third Eye, and the One Shot, in that order.
  • This used to be the third most expensive weapon in the game, costing 3800 Coin.png or 1000Tickettrans.png to obtain.
    • Eventually, the price for this weapon changed once again costing 500 Gem.png.
    • As of 17.0.0, the Neutron Pulsator beats this weapon in terms of high price by 700 Coin.png.
      • Later on, the price of the Neutron Pulsator got changed to 500 Gem.png, making them both cost the same price.
  • This was one of the most popular weapons ever back in 15.0.0 along with other Mythical weapons due to its capability of 1-2 shotting a max armored player.
  • This, the Secret Forces Rifle and, the One Shot are the only weapons in the game to have neon skins.
  • It was formerly surpassed by Morgana due to its highest instant travel time damage.
  • As of the 7th Pixel Gun 3D anniversary, the developers added the Champion Peacemaker and the Champion Mercenary to the Trader's Van so many players predict that they will add the Anti-Champion Rifle to the Trader's Van again sometime soon.
  • It has 1 more capacity than the Anti-Hero Rifle.
  • Between the 17.6.0 and the 17.8.0 updates, it has been removed from the armory and became temporarily vaulted due to players complaining to their performance and asking the developers to remove the weapon from the armory to prevent new players obtaining this weapon, rendering it overused. It can now only be obtained from the Trader's Van for about 350 Gem.png and (rarely) could be possibly obtained from the Super Lottery, however, as of the 21.1.0 update, it had returned to the armory once again for 500 Gem.png, making it obtainable to get it from the armory again.
  • In the 18.1 update, one of the developers named DesperateRussian did a giveaway for this weapon AND the watermelon skin.
  • This weapon used to be very popular for Three Category Spam, but now more players use the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Morgana.
  • It also at least requires a level 8 module + Halloween Mask or level 9 module to make this weapon at least a 1 shot kill to the developer armor.
  • In the 21.5.0 update, it got a all new futuristic animation along with many others


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