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Progress reset due to cheating.

The Anti-Cheat System is a system introduced in the 11.4.0 update. It resets the progress of any user if cheating was detected.


The Anti-Cheat System resets the accounts of players, usually, if they either enabled "god mode" (hacking the game with infinite health, no cooldown for gadgets, etc.) or if a player had too much currency, which is the most common reason why players get their account reset.

If a cheat is detected, the player will be notified of having their account reset due to their actions. They are told that they can either to continue playing the game normally or continue cheating, which will result in them getting the same result until they stop doing so.

For Android users, currency hackers would have to either reinstall the app or clear their Pixel Gun data to play normally.

It has become more and more sensitive over time due to many hackers can bypass the system. This allow the game to catch hackers more effectively, though it may can sometimes catch non-hacker instead.

Resetting Sprees

Resetting sprees are when Cubic.Games resets the accounts of many players. Some players may have hacked or is using a hacked account. Others can have their account reset for no apparent reason. So far, there have been three resetting sprees:

  • 11.4.0 update: This resetting spree resets the accounts of players that had millions of Coins and Gems. Usually, if they had at least 40,000 coins and/or gems, their account would've been reset.
  • 12.5.1 update: This resetting spree is different: While there still were currency hackers, this spree reset the accounts of innocent players, for no bad reason. Most of the players weren't supposed to have the accounts reset because the Pixel Gun Company multiplied the currency in the 12.5.0 update at one point, then they thought most of the players were "hacking their currency", which made them have their accounts reset.
  • 16.1.0 update: A major crackdown on accounts that has massive quantities of currency and/or synced with other hacked accounts to receive items such as weapons, items, or pets. As a result, mass number of innocent players' account were banned because of they were falsely accused for cheating/hacking, although there are cheaters who did indeed get punished.
  • Recently, the developers of Pixel Gun 3D claimed that they changed the infrastructure of the game to detect hackers more efficiently.
    • Moreover, it is claimed by some players that a ban wave may happen every update.

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