The Aphrodite Crossbow is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 17.8.0 update.


The Aphrodite Crossbow is a Greek mythology themed / Valentines themed, sniper weapon released in the Olympian Season Battle Pass (tier 30). It deals good damage, average capacity, and low mobility.


It appears to be a crossbow with a Valentines day themed style except with the skull in the front with pink eyes along goes with shiny-golden details the clip of the gun appears to be a heart which is pink, the trigger is also yellow.


This weapon shoots 3 pink arrows with bullet travel time in 3 different directions and gives Charm to whoever they hit. When reloading, the player will shake something that looks like a pink heart.

It has both Input Delay (Receives Delay) and Output Delay (Gives Delay). This means that the Aphrodite Crossbow will have a pull-up time whenever another weapon with Output Delay (Gives Delay) is shot, then quickly switched to it, and the Aphrodite Crossbow will also give pull-up time to any weapons with Input Delay (Receives Delay) if it is shot, then quickly switched to the Input Delay (Receives Delay) weapon. The duration of the pull-up time for both the Aphrodite Crossbow and the Input Delay (Receives Delay) weapon switched to after it depends on the previously used weapon's fire rate and the Aphrodite Crossbow's fire rate, respectively.



  • Use it like you would use the Offensive Fireworks and Arcade Rifle except with a strong charm effect.
  • The charm effect is useful when someone is close to shredding you with high-damage weapons.
  • Take advantage of its triple shot attribute by aiming for the enemy's head in close range with both shots.
  • The arrows have travel time but on the bright side, they move slightly fast, so using it at long ranges is still OK.
  • Shoot it at your teammates, especially in Team Strike when they encounter the enemies.
  • Get close to your enemy and make all 3 arrows hit him and it will be a 1 shot kill no matter what.
  • Try not to use this weapon in longer ranges as this weapon has travel time. Although you could possibly hit your opponents if you can predict their movement, it is not a good strategy as you can be picked off by your opponents if you fail to hit them.


  • When engaged in a sniper battle, take time to aim and use a Sniper without bullet travel like Anti-Champion Rifle to kill them quickly and give you time to dodge the arrows.
  • If you get hit by this weapon, hide or rocket jump away until the Charm effect goes off and then ambush the enemy by strafing.
  • Using a spammable and high mobility melee weapon also helps in countering its users.
  • Put some distance between your opponent. Then, they will not be able to do as much damage as well as it will be hard for them to hit you.

Recommended Maps 

Equipment Setups 

  • Bring a high mobility Melee weapon to traverse the map as its mobility is very low.
  • Bring a long range weapon in case you have to kill opponents in long range



  • Initial release.

17.8.0 (Optional update)

  • Shooting sound was reworked


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