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Aquapark is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 18.1.0 update. It takes place in a waterpark called the Funny Splash Water Park somewhere in a tropical island.


The map takes place on a waterpark called the Funny Splash Water Park somewhere in a tropical island.

Each team spawns near a yellow water slide that leads to the middle of the map, where a large pool is present. The blue team spawns on the deck of a crocodile-themed pirate ship while the red team spawns at the lookout near the lighthouse. At the bottom of each side's spawn, there is a cave with a different theme, the blue team having a pirate-themed cave with treasure and the red team having an aquatic-themed cave with a dolphin statue.

At the sides of the map, there are various pieces of venues such as store stalls, a changing room, and a tiki bar. In addition, there is the main entrance which is connected to a boardwalk out of the bounds of the map. The large pool in middle of the map contains a whirlpool platform with a hole in the middle that leads to the main pool. The pool contains a large crocodile that will severely damage any player that is close enough to its head. Also on the bottom of the pool is the Skeleton Pirate avatar.

Throughout the map, there is an inflatable raft similar to the D.U.C.K that loops around the map.


  • Because of its compact layout, close-medium range weapons benefit greatly.
  • Avoid jumping in the main pool because of the crocodile that lurks around.
  • Camp near the ends of the slides to pick off unsuspecting enemies sliding down.
  • Use the floating island as a vantage point to fire Heavy or Sniper weapons down.
  • Hide between solid objects if you want to reduce susceptibility of being hit by snipers, but try to be unpredictable in your patterns for best results.
  • Have double jump boots such as Berserk Boots or Ninja Tabi.


  • Initial release


  • This map was added into the Sandbox mode.


The chest full of VCR tapes.

The black SCP van.

  • The map references various pieces of pop culture:
    • In the cave of the blue team's spawn, there is a treasure chest full of VCR tapes with posters referring to various classic 70's/80's films such as Rambo, Rocky, and Jaws.
    • Across the park, there is a black van with the SCP Foundation logo.
  • At the pool area, there is a lifeguard similar to the Lifesaver Avatar from the Summertime Season Battle Pass keeping guard of the crocodile.
    • Despite being a lifeguard, he has the Sniper Rifle to the side of him.
  • The Heroic Epee can be found in one of the treasure chests.


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