Arabian Dust is a large-sized multiplayer map in Pixel Gun 3D. It can be played on Team Fight.


The map has two courtyards facing opposite of the other. There is an underpass to get to the other side. However, players can also go through the main building to get there. There is also a shed in the back of the building, as well as walkway on both sides of the underpass, ideal for sneaking up on the enemy. This map was known for players who liked to use rocket jumping to get on top of the buildings to get a higher vantage point to kill enemies.


  • Go inside the temple to get to the other team's side, since not too many people go there.
  • Use piercing shot weapons in the main road.
  • Raid the other team's spawn area with an explosive weapon.
  • Use looping shot weapons to hit enemies on the other side of the map


  • As of the 6.0.0 update, it is still possible to go on the roofs. However, it is more difficult to go on the roofs after the update than previous versions. This was probably done to keep "Capture the Flag" from becoming too easy.
  • This map is similar to the Desert map.
  • Arabian Dust is based off the Counter-Strike map, "de_dust".
  • The map was removed from Team Fight in the 10.3.0 update And Co-Op Survival in the 11.1.0 update.


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