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10x zoom, huh? Maybe 10x zoomS. Really, that's what happens when you don't check the spelling.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Arahna Bite is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 16.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Magic Lottery Event.


It is an arachnid-themed weapon that shoots spiders. It has decent damage, a good fire rate, a high capacity, and a slow mobility. It is 3-4 shots.


It appears to be a purple and green sniper, with a spider under the scope. There is green going through the middle of the barrel. The spider has multiple red eyes acting as "scopes". It has red lenses, a purple nozzle, a purple stock, a purple handle, and a purple magazine. There are some red shadings on the spider and around the weapon. It also has a spider web under the barrel.


This weapon shoots purplish bullets with instant bullet travel time and a blue effect on the nozzle. These bullets can slow down players SlowsDownTarget.png and poison them Poison.png, which means that they lose extra health for a few seconds.

When reloading, the player takes out the purple and green clip and replaces it with another one.



  • Use this weapon alone or for 3 cat spamming, as it has no delays whatsoever.
  • The headshot damage on this weapon is very high, so target weakened enemies.
  • Use the slowdown as your advantage.
  • Use the poison to weaken enemies.
  • Use Level VIII modules for it to be a one shot kill to targets without armor.
  • It is 2 shot depending on the enemy's armor and your modules.
  • Use this weapon to 2 cat spam with some other weapon with no delay.


  • Attack the user from behind.
  • Use any one shot weapons against the user.
  • Strafe around the enemy so you don't get hit.
  • Use area damage weapons to mess up the user's aim.
  • Use the reflector gadget against this weapon as it will make the opponent take half of the damage you reflect onto them.

Recommended Maps

Any long ranged maps.

Equipment Setups

Bring a good primary or a good heavy weapon with you. Make sure to equip a high mobility weapon, as this weapon has a somewhat low mobility.



Initial release.


  • It is possible that this weapon is supposed to be called the "Piranha Bite".
  • This weapon is similar to the Gladiator.
  • This weapon might be a reference to Widowmakers sniper the Widow's kiss from the game Overwatch.

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