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A bow, filled with Angelic power! It has been owned by Archangel Cuboriel, defender of the weak. Godspeed!

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Archangel is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.5.0 update.


It is an angelic-themed bow that shoots arrows. It has good damage, a high fire rate, a decent capacity for its fire rate, and decent mobility. It has a gadget blocker attribute which may be very helpful. It is usually a 2 shot headshot to a max armor player when this is at the maximum level.


It is a re-skin of the Tactical Bow.

It has a white/yellow finish with white bowstring and illuminated limb bolts. It also features a yellow grip and yellow bow sight.

The arrow itself has black fletching with a white, tan, and black shaft and a glowing yellow and white arrowhead.


The player shoots the arrow at a relatively high attack speed. The arrows, which are ivory and have a white top, have instant bullet travel time. The Archangel is a precision weapon that can deal large amounts of damage. With its optic sight, it can effectively counter snipers.

This weapon is a bow, so it uses the single-shot system, therefore it has no reload animation. It has no delay mechanics either.



  • It is effective against anyone using a deadly melee or a flamethrower.
  • Be very careful around wall break snipers. If you miss your 1st shot, you will be in great trouble.
  • This is a great counter to the Railgun. Due to the Railgun's high recoil, you can easily punish the user if they misfire, which can be hard to do with other weapons.
    • Its great fire rate also suitable for Sniper Tournament, as it does not need to reload.
  • The weapon is extremely accurate, as the crosshair never changes.
  • Don't hold the fire button when using this weapon, as you won't be able to land a shot. Fire, wait until your crosshair is on the enemy, then shoot again. Otherwise, the reloading animation will mess up your aim. Another possible technique is to just constantly scope.
  • Land headshots or/and target weakened opponents for better arrow conserving.


  • Get up close, then attack using a deadly close-quarter weapon, preferably Ghost Lantern or Soulstone.
  • Wallbreak Snipers perform better than this weapon in a sniper duel due to the wall break and better scope.
  • Attack the sniper from behind for best results.
  • Automatic fire rate weapons gets the job done.
  • Since this is a weapon from the sniper category, use a melee weapon such as the heroic epee to counter this.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Other high damage or high fire rate weapons to help out with its DPS and for close-range combat. You can also bring a weapon that slows the target such as Death Claws or Dual Cryo Pistols, so you can get a guaranteed hit with the Gadget Block.


An archangel is a high-ranking angel. Also, this weapon's name may derive from the words "archery" and "angel". Therefore, it could mean the bow of an angel.



  • First introduced.


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