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Not to be confused with the PGW Deathmatch map, Area 52 (PGW Multiplayer Map).

Area 52 is the 8th level in Pixelated World.


This map has a front area with a fence, 2 offices, a yellow hallway, and a main room with spaceships. Beyond the hangar, contains a small, hallway that contains a storage room, and a morgue full of Alien bodies.




After exiting the park through a cave, horrified at what happened inside, Newbie continues looking for Area 52. When he finds it, he goes to the gate and asks if anyone is home.

Hidden Coin

After the hanger, there is a corridor with strange markings in it. Keep going through this place, until you reach A-52 Red block. Then, go down the path starts in a red room. Follow this and keep going whichever direction the corridor goes. For example, if the corridor turns right, you would go right until you reach a wall. Then you will find the coin.

Hidden Gem

The gem is on top of the huge UFO in the huge room. Use your Signal Pistol or a grenade


Go to the large room (the area with the 2 UFOs) and shoot enemies as they come in, then move forward when there are a few remaining. To defeat the boss go to the large room, shoot the aliens that accompany it and kill the boss.


  • This level seems to be a parody to the infamous Area 51. Unlike the real life Area 51, it is not an airfield
  • In the hangar room with the spaceships, there is a sort of cable that leads to a set of computers. The computers make a beeping noise similar to a certain heartbeat monitor in the Hospital level. Where the cable goes into the spaceships is a sort of clicking noise combined with beeping as if data was being transported through the cable to the computers for alien information.
  • School children and faculty would have to pass this area and go into the desert just to reach their school.


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