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This RPG requires reloading after every shot, however you will have plenty of time. Each rocket is separated into a big and several smaller ones. When they are exploding, you have time to drink coffee.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

If you were looking for the pet, see Armadillo (Pet)

The Armadillo is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 15.9.0 update. It was obtainable in the Operation SNOW Battle Pass.

As of then, the Upgraded Battle Pass was the only way to obtain its parts. (The final parts are unlocked at Upgraded Battle Pass Lv 30).


It is a military-themed heavy that shoots out blue missiles. It has a slow fire rate, very small and low capacity of 1, and a low mobility of 50. It is usually takes 1-2 shots to kill a max armored player. It also has an armor bonus attribute and an 8x zoom scope.


It appears to be a blue and teal rocket launcher with a scope on the side. The rim of the front hole and the exhaustion pipe are colored red. It has a metal handle at the bottom.


Whenever the weapon is fired, a blue missile will be shot out and travel through the air. The missile will explode at a limited time or whenever it hits a wall or a player. 

When the player shoots a missile, they will put the gun vertically to put a missile inside through its "back hole" and ready to move on and shoot another one. It has no delay animation.



  • Use this as a combination of the Christmas Ultimatum and Rocket Launcher, because of the Cluster Bomb attribute and the reload after each shot trait.
  • Hide in the safe or uncommon areas, if you wish to reload.
  • Use the 8x scope for long-distance eliminating.
    • Beware that this weapon's rockets have travel time.
  • It is recommended to use this weapon against groups of enemies to easily benefit from both Cluster Bomb and area damage attribute.
    • Pair this with the Singular Grenade and kill the enemies caught in the black hole for easy kills and points.
  • If you’re good at aiming, you can fly really high with your jetpack, land a shot on an enemy. This gives you a Death From Above Kill and extra points!
  • Use this in small maps likeColloseum (PG3D) (Multiplayer) to maximize the use of the cluster bombs.


  • Overpower its users with high fire rate weapons.
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Its reloading speed is not good, so you can disorient them (by automatic/explosive weapons) when they are in that scenario.
  • Kill them with a one-shot sniper before they can fire this at you. The One Shot and Anti-Champion Rifle do nicely.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Pair with a fast-firing primary, such as the Black Mamba, Excalibur, Hand Gatling, Future Police Rifle, Crystal Laser Cannon, or the Adamant Laser Cannon.



  • Initial release date.


  • Severely nerfed.


  • It is extremely hard to find someone who is still one-shot by this weapon.


  • Its damage got buffed, make this a little bit better than Corn Launcher.


  • This and all weapons that have a cluster bomb attribute have a buff in terms of damage.


  • This, along with weapons that have cluster bomb attribute have their cluster bomb nerfed, only dealing 3/4 the old damage.


  • The weapon's damage was reduced by 50%.


  • It no longer uses Toy Bomber's projectiles as its Cluster Bombs.


  • The weapon design is based on the real-life Carl Gustaf Recoilless Rifle.
  • The reason this weapon has the Armor Bonus Attribute is most likely because the real-life armadillo animal has a protective covering on it acting like body armor.
  • The developers might have made a mistake on making the weapon picture by putting the 8x scope on the right, instead of in-game it is on the left.
  • The design itself is heavily based on the Apocalypse (PG3D).
  • This weapon seems to be a better version of the Corn Launcher because it has similar stats as they have the same efficiency, fire rate, capacity, mobility, and they even both have the cluster bomb ability. The Armadillo also seems to have armor bonus and an 8x scope and it’s technically easier to obtain.
    • However, its ammo capacity is twice lower.
  • It is the only Heavy weapon that has an 8x scope.
  • This weapon's reloading sound is the same as Rocket Launcher

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