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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is Pixel Gun 3D or Pixel Gun World content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes the Armor from Pixel Gun 3D. If you're looking for the standard Armor of Pixel Gun World, see Armor (PGW).

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The Armor is a piece of equipment added in the 8.1.0 update and has various upgrades. Its primary use is to protect its user from damage sources. As of 16.2.0, individual upgrades for armor are not bought, but instead armor will upgrade to the maximum upgrade available to the user at the time of purchase.

Armor Steel.png

It is recommended to upgrade armor every few levels instead of upgrading it after reaching each level to save a large number of Coin.png .

  • For example, instead of spending 300 Coin.png for every upgrade in 10 levels for a total of 3,000 Coin.png, the cost slightly increases and it becomes around 350 Coin.png when upgraded at the 10th level, saving 2,650 Coin.png.

The highest efficiency a normal armor can have is 313 with level 65 armor. Basic armor gives 100 HP while maxed out, which gives the user a total of 200 health points.

Upgrade Path

Name Image Level unlocked
Newbie Armor
Novice Armor.png
Given after the tutorial
Light Wooden Armor
Wood Armor 1.png
Medium Wooden Armor
Wood Armor 2.png
Heavy Wooden Armor
Wood Armor 3.png
Light Steel Armor
Iron Armor 1.png
Medium Steel Armor
Iron Armor 2.png
Heavy Steel Armor
Iron Armor 3.png
Light Golden Armor
Golden Armor 1.png
Medium Golden Armor
Golden Armor 2.png
Heavy Golden Armor
Golden Armor 3.png
Light Crystal Armor
Crystal Armor 1.png
Medium Crystal Armor
Crystal Armor 2.png
Heavy Crystal Armor
Crystal Armor 3.png
Light Ruby Armor
Ruby Armor 1.png
Medium Ruby Armor
Ruby Armor 2.png
Heavy Ruby Armor
Ruby Armor 3.png
Light Adamant Armor
Adamant Armor 1.png
Medium Adamant Armor
Adamant Armor 2.png
Heavy Adamant Armor
Adamant Armor 3.png
Light Champion Armor
Champion Armor 1.png
Medium Champion Armor
Champion Armor 2.png
Heavy Champion Armor
Champion Armor 3.png

Clan Exclusives

In the 17.6.0 update, Clan Armor was introduced with even more efficiency than a normal armor could have, along with included buffs and debuffs. They can only be purchased in the Wear section of the Clan Store. The armors come in 3 types — Wooden, Steel, and Golden — with each resembling their own division. Your clan does not have to be in the exact division as the clan armors in order to get them (eg. Wooden Armor in Gold League clans).

Unlike normal armor, clan armors can be purchased with coins, and the armor will automatically be at your level when purchased. If there are upgrades available, it can also be upgraded with coins or gems.

Note: The armor durability was calculated and proven by Pixel Gun 3D YouTuber Drot. The demonstration can be found in this video.

Name Grade Efficiency Buffs/Debuffs Image Division Price
Wooden Clan Armor Epic 333
  • +20% Movement Speed
  • +20% Jump Height
  • Strong regeneration of Health and Armor
  • +120 HP (giving the user 220 total health points)
Wooden Division 555 Coin.png
Steel Clan Armor Legendary 376
  • Able to reflect a part of damage back to your enemy
  • +140 HP (giving the user 240 total health points)
Steel Division 720 Coin.png
Golden Clan Armor Legendary 376
  • +20% Movement Speed
  • -10% Jump Height
  • Reduces gadgets cooldown
  • +140 HP (giving the user 240 total health points)
Golden Division 720 Coin.png

Other Armors

In the 17.7.0 update, Advanced Combat Armor was introduced. It is the first Mythical armor in the game. Like the Clan Armor, it some buffs, but no debuffs. It can only be obtained from the Starter Pack offer on levels 3-12, along with some other items, such as a unique skin and a randomly generated pair of the following weapons: Offensive Rocket System, Harsh Punisher, Manual Inferno, Advanced Scout Rifle and formerly Headhunter Pistols. If you buy the armor, it will be automatically upgraded to your level when bought and it will stay with you forever, even after reaching levels 13 and above. Just like with other armor, it will need to be upgraded to your current level with gems/coins to keep it at its full efficiency.

In the 18.0.0 update, the Developer Armor was introduced. It is the second Mythical armor in the game. It is obtained from the Super Chest from the Game Developer Lottery. The Armor, when obtained, is normally automatically upgraded to your level. However, some people reported that they received their armor at level one. Just like other armors, it will get less efficient as the player's level increases and will have to be upgraded again for full efficiency.

In the 18.1.0 update, the Inflatable Armor was added. It is very similar to the Developer Armor, except instead of health and armor regeneration, it reduces the cooldown of gadgets. It is essentially a Golden Clan Armour except with more Movement Speed and Jump Height.

In the 22.2.0 update, the Ultimate Defense Armor was added. The first armor in history to reach 180 health points. Also the first armor that needs to be collected from parts in the set

In the 22.3.0 update, the Black Dragon Armor was added. The second armor in history to reach 180 health points

In the 22.4.0 update, the Stardust Armor was added. Unlike other armors, it only adds a small amount of health, but is capable of very strong regeneration of health and armor

Note: The armor durability was calculated and proven by Pixel Gun 3D YouTuber Drot. The demonstration can be found in this video.

Name Grade Efficiency Buffs Image
Advanced Combat Armor Mythical 399
  • +10% Movement Speed
  • +20% Jump Height
  • Strong regeneration of Health and Armor
  • +160 HP (giving the user 260 total health points)
Developer Armor Mythical 399
  • +30% Movement Speed
  • +50% Jump Height
  • Strong regeneration of Health and Armor
  • +160 HP (giving the user 260 total health points)
Inflatable Armor Mythical 399
  • +30% Movement Speed
  • +50% Jump Height
  • Reduces the cooldown of gadgets
  • +160 HP (giving the user 260 total health points)
Ultimate Defense Armor Mythical 399
  • +20% Movement Speed
  • +20% Jump Height
  • Greatly increases character's armor
  • +180 HP (giving the user 280 total health points)
Black Dragon Armor Mythical 399
  • +20% Movement Speed
  • +20% Jump Height
  • Greatly increases character's armor
  • +180 HP (giving the user 280 total health points)
Stardust Armor Mythical 399
  • +20% Movement Speed
  • +20% Jump Height
  • Increase’s character’s armor and very strong regeneration of health and armor
  • +140 HP (giving the user 240 total health points)


As of 16.2.0, instead of counting its durability, its power capacity is counted. However, the armor percentage does increase after buying every upgrade of the armor. Moreover, after reaching a new level, the power capacity of armor increases of 1.

There are six modules used for armor:

Like any weapon, the armor has 3 slots in which the modules can be inserted to. However, unlike the weapons, armor does not have any unique ability for a module combination like the Oracle, or the Stone Skin.




  • The armor pieces merged into one fully upgradable armor piece and the Wooden Armor series was introduced. Before 9.0.0, the Heavy Crystal Armor piece was the maximized armor piece.


  • There was also a glitch that wouldn't allow upgrading armor.


  • The glitch was fixed.


  • The Ruby Armor series was introduced, superseding the Heavy Crystal Armor.


  • The Adamant Armor (which was originally only the Heavy Adamant Armor) was introduced. It was initially a rentable piece of equipment. This was only introduced to Android devices and never in iOS devices.


  • The Adamant Armor was removed from the Android version of the game.


  • The Adamant Armor was reintroduced in 10.0.0 as an upgrade of the Ruby Armor for both iOS and Android. Light and Medium Adamant Armor were introduced as forms of the Adamant Armor before upgrading to the Heavy Adamant Armor piece, which was the maximized armor piece at that time.


  • The Helmet was removed and replaced by Masks, making the body part of the armor the only armor piece in the game. It is possible that this change was made for consistency with Pixel Gun World, since that game was the first between the two to not have helmets.


  • Players got Light Wooden Armor for free after completing the tutorial. Players are also rewarded with 5Gem.png, 10 Coin.png, 15 Exp icon.png and a Sniper Rifle.


  • Newbie Armor was introduced and was earnable as a temporary item.


  • A minor feature which automatically upgrades the armor into its heavy form once a player reaches a certain level was added.


  • Newbie Armor looked like Heavy Ruby Armor. It is different from its PC counterpart.
  • Also, once Champion Armor was added, the models of the first few armor sets were modified and the durability was multiplied along with the weapon damage.


  • The durability multiplier has been reverted, but not the Champion Armor itself nor the modified look of the armor.


  • Costs changed to be dependent on the player's level.


  • Clan Exclusive Armors were introduced.
  • The Default Armor now has skins.


  • A bug of the display of clan armor was fixed.
  • Advanced Combat Armor was introduced into the game.


  • Developer Armor was introduced into the game.


  • Inflatable Armor was introduced into the game.


  • Armor and Helmet Armor points worked separately in multiplayer. Armor only defended against body shots and helmet defended against headshots. Armor points given by pickups were added to the general pool, and monster damage also hit the general armor point pool.
  • Armor would have pieces of the next armor type's main material. For example, if the player has Wooden Armor of any level upgrade, they will see it has pieces of iron on it. And iron will have gold on it. Ruby Armor has three materials; Ruby (main material), diamond, and adamant. This also was visible for helmets.
    • However, Adamant Armor didn't have too much red and didn't even have light gray or black, which are the main colors for its successor, Champion Armor.
  • Champion weapons were added later (the Champion Peacemaker, the Champion Solar Cannon, the Anti-Champion Rifle, the Champion Electric Arc and the Champion Mercenary) after the introduction of the Champion Armor.
  • When the armor is unequipped, picking up armor pickups used to put the armor on unintentionally. Now, picking up armor would have its sound effect, but will not give extra armor.
  • Pro League is the only league that doesn't have a respectively themed armor.
  • The “strong“ regeneration of health and armor from the Wooden Clan Armor isn’t very strong, with 2 health and/or armor every second. However, it could be a lifesaver in certain scenarios.
  • Newbie Armor is one of the few armors that cannot be equipped freely, as it is only usable for 3 matches after the starter tutorial.
    • Clan Armor cannot be used if that user's clan isn't in the respective league. For example, one cannot use Gold Clan Armor if his/her clan isn't in Golden League or above.
  • The armor skins include the Cyber Santa Armor, Halloween Armor, Cyber Pilgrim armor, and the Exo Pilot Armor however you need to obtain their sets.

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