The Armor Generator is a Tools gadget introduced in the 17.5.0 update.


It is a silver station with four golden and red legs that generates a armor restoring area.


This Gadget is good for situations when the player wants to recover their armor, it is best in a hiding spot. When used, the player will deploy this gadget in a desired spot, and if they lost any armor, they can stand on it and recover their armor.



  • Use this in sticky situations especially when your teammates are cornered and being attacked by enemies.
  • Use this like you would use the Medical Station but only for armor restoration.
  • Use this to heal your and your teammates when you are low on armor or don't even have any.
    • Keep in mind that this only restores armor lost in battle, and does not recover lost health. So only use this when you are in need of armor.
  • Try and place the station somewhere out of danger so it will not get destroyed, but at the same time make sure that it's easy to access, such as around corners or behind walls.
  • Keep in mind that this also heals the armor of teammates, so try and get a couple of them healed up with the Armor Generator as well.
  • Use a healing weapon like Heroic Epee to heal health while using this to heal armour


  • It has a pretty small size. Use a Heavy weapon, or any weapon with the "Area Damage" attribute, and aim directly at the Armor Generator.
  • Destroy the Armor Generator. It will prevent them from healing off the damage you'll deal with them later.
  • Do not kill the players inside the Armor Generator radius with low damage Primary weapons, because these players can quickly recover their armor so it'd be a waste of ammo. Instead, use Sniper or Heavy weapons and try to aim for the head with the sniper.
  • Throw a Nuclear Grenade into the area of this gadget to greatly damage enemies.
  • Use a weapon or gadget with the Gravitational Force attribute to pull players away from the area of this gadget, such as the Eraser or Singular Grenade.
  • Prevent people who are equipped with the Armor Generator from planting it with a Disabler. It will prevent them from activating it for a period amount of time, which allowing you to deal large amounts of damage to them or even kill them if given the chance.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 35 Seconds 12 Seconds
Tier 1 34 Seconds 13 Seconds
Tier 2 33 Seconds 15 Seconds
Tier 3 32 Seconds 16 Seconds
Tier 4 31 Seconds 18 Seconds
Tier 5 30 Seconds 19 Seconds
Tier 6 29 Seconds 20 Seconds
Tier 7 28 Seconds 22 Seconds
Tier 8 27 Seconds 23 Seconds
Tier 9 26 Seconds 24 Seconds
Tier 10 24 Seconds 26 Seconds
Tier 11 22 Seconds 27 Seconds
Final Tier 20 Seconds 28 Seconds



  • Initial release.


  • This is one of the first (among all the Gadgets that were added in 17.5.0) Gadgets which can be obtained only through the Clans System.
  • It performs exactly like the Medical Station, except that it only recovers armour instead of health.
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