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Asgard is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 21.0.0 update. As its name implies, it takes place in Asgard, one of the Nine Worlds surrounding the Yggdrasil tree.


The map takes place in the sky, at the higher levels of the Yggdrasil tree.

The blue team spawns in a storage room containing various shields, spears, and barrels. There is also a wolf pelt rug and a draugar chained up to 2 posts.

In the middle of the map, there is a throne room with a balcony overlooking the room. The throne room is decorated with various banners, Norse runes, shields, and the head of Fenrir as a trophy. It also contains Odin's throne, Hlidskjalf, and a basin containing lava which will damage players and will launch them upward to the balcony.

The red team spawns in a courtyard overlooking the above the clouds which contains a mess table, a statue of Odin, and a portal that leads to the front of the throne room.

Above the blue team's spawn, there is a blacksmithing room with a furnace and various tools, touching the furnace will result in damage. This is connected to a balcony that connects the red team's spawn and the front of the throne room.

At the front of the throne room, there is a small basin of water that will heal all players who stand inside of it, a jump pad that leads to the balcony, and a portal connected to the courtyard.


  • The map benefits close range weapons such as shotguns and weapons in the Heavy section and can be used to ambush other players.
  • When low on health, try to go to the healing pool to quickly replenish health.
  • Hide between solid objects if you want to reduce susceptibility of being hit by snipers, but try to be unpredictable in your patterns for best results.
  • Try putting traps near portals as unsuspecting enemies will sure to activate them.
  • Have double jump boots such as Berserk Boots or Ninja Tabi.


  • Initial release.



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