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The Assassin's Daggers is a Melee weapon introduced in the 20.0.0 update.


It is an overall powerful weapon, normally 3 shot kill. It has high mobility which can be used for Strafing/Escaping. However, it has fixed delay lasting about half a second.


It resembles Romeo & Juliet and Good & Evil. Its a dual-wielded melee with a green hand grip along with a red and green stripe pattern on the blade with the tip of the blade twisted to the back and a small purple orb at the center base of the blade.


It is overall very powerful, being a 3 shot kill most of the time with Critical Damage and Poison. It can be a 2 shot with Critical Damage. After killing an enemy, the user will be invisible for around 3 seconds. The invisibility still works after the user gets killed within the 3 second when the user has killed an enemy.

This weapon has Fixed Delay, meaning that every time a player switches to the Assassin's Daggers, there will be a short pull-out animation lasting less than a second before he/she can fire.


Use this when in close range, as it is very powerful.


  • Use the Stealth Bracelet to hide from your enemies.
  • Strafe enemy bullets as this weapon has 90 mobility.
  • Pair this weapon with Astral Blade module.
  • This weapon can turn you Invisible for 3 seconds, so use that as an advantage.
  • Pair this with high Modules because it will make it much faster and give it much more damage.


  • Use area damage weapons to disorient the user.
  • Rocket Jump to escape the weapon as it is a melee with a High Mobility.
  • Use the Jetpack to escape your enemy.
  • Use a powerful shotgun like the Ultimatum.
  • Snipe its users from a long distance.
  • Any automatic weapons can weaken its users.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Use a hard-hitting sniper in for longer ranges and a good primary for medium ranges.

It's mobility can be useful for Three Category Spam.



  • Initial Release


  • Its the first weapon that makes you invisible after killing enemies.
  • It is the second Melee weapon to have the Invisiblilty attribute, the first being the Sword of Shadows.
  • It seems to have a resemblance to the weapons Romeo & Juliet and Good & Evil.
  • It is one of the Dual Wielding weapons.
  • The red and green stripes on it are most likely to show it was introduced near Christmas.
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