Not to be confused with the terrain decoration.
Feel yourself a creator of the Universe. Shoot small asteroid & incinerate enemies (both the target and his surroundings).

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Asteroid is a Special weapon added in the 15.7.0 update. It can be obtained for a limited time during the Christmas holidays in the Armory.


It is a space themed weapon that shoots small meteors (hence the name, “Asteroid”). It deals medium-high damage, a very slow fire rate, an average capacity, and low mobility. 2 direct shots is required to kill, with delay and chain damage when upgraded fully.


It possesses a grayish-brown barrel that is shaped like a burning asteroid, complementing the name of the weapon, and separated in the middle horizontally as a railgun that discharges small meteors (hence the name "Asteroid"), with traces of glowing yellow and orange, symbolizing the heat produced during atmospheric entry. The Asteroid also has a teal and light blue body with a large unused iron sight and a small magazine at the back of the gun above its teal-colored stock, as well as a brownish grip with a red trigger. It appears to be a remodel of the Laser Bouncer.


The Asteroid performs similarly to the Heart of Volcano. This weapon shoots small meteors or asteroids that burns the target upon impact. Projectiles have moderate travel time with crosshairs similar to the Laser Bouncer, its accuracy is not efficient at long range, but effective at medium range. This weapon also has a chain damage attribute, the projectile will chain itself with at most 3 other nearby enemies (from the initial target), and deal damage accordingly. The main target receives the maximum damage, while each chained target will receive lower damage than the previous one, according to the order they are damaged by the chained projectile. Projectiles fired from this weapon will induce burn damage. Players that are set on fire will continue to receive additional damage after the initial blast from the projectile.

When reloading, the weapon is flipped vertically and pointing downwards, the clip from the back is taken out before a spare clip is inserted in and the player flips the weapon back horizontally, having the exact same reload animation and sequence as the Laser Bouncer and Reflector. It has a fixed delay input. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Asteroid will have a delay lasting around a second.



  • The weapon shoots projectiles that have slightly lower than average travel velocity, in order to do damage, you must directly hit or hit incredibly close to the enemy, therefore requiring a lot of skill to use, close-range combat with this weapon is recommended.
  • Do not be fooled by the impact animation of the projectile, although a rather huge explosion occurs at the point of impact of the projectile, it does not have area damage. Take this into account when using this weapon.
  • Try using it on a compact group of enemies since it has chain damage.
  • This weapon requires good timing skills and prediction, it is not recommended to use this weapon unless you can predict your opponent's movement pattern well or have good timing skill.
  • This weapon has pullout delay, so be careful when switching to this weapon while in a fight.
  • It deals about 115% damage (no modules) to regular armor, and 85% to Silver/Golden division armor.
  • Without modules, it is a 3 shot kill for high efficiency armor.


  • Try strafing in order to dodge the projectiles.
  • It has no area damage, so jump around.
  • Attack the user from a long range.
  • This weapon is very weak against legendary armor.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring a powerful long-range weapon, like its sibling weapon, the Comet.


  • Initial release.


  • Projectile speed nerfed tremendously.
  • Chain damage of projectile no longer damages the same target 3 times.
  • Ammunition capacity was nerfed from 10 to 8.


  • Weapon damage severely nerfed, by roughly 45%, along with other chain damage weapons and some piercing shot weapons.
  • Weapon requires 3-4 direct hits in order to kill effectively.


  • The Asteroid received a small buff along with other chain damage weapons. Chain damage was also buffed, making the weapon a two shot kill on against regular armor, and a three shot kill for legendary armor.


  • This weapon is based on asteroids, naturally occurring small astronomical bodies that are composed of rock or metallic material. These objects can pose a threat to life on planets during impacts.
  • It appears to be a remodeled laser bouncer, since the weapon shape, delay animation, and the shooting and reload animation is quite similar to the Laser Bouncer.
  • This weapon had one of the fastest, if not, fastest projectile traveling speed, almost as fast as bullets (with travel time). This might have been a reference to real-life space rocks like asteroids, actually capable of traveling at breakneck speed, although now it has a slightly slower than average travel speed.
  • This weapon is the third weapon of the “Space Threats” set, along with the Saturn, Venus & Mercury, Comet and Meteor Shower.
  • This weapon shares an exact same firing sequence/animation as the Laser Bouncer/Reflector back during 2018.
  • Although the armory icon of the Asteroid shows it’s yellow-orange details glowing, this weapon does not glow in the dark.
  • The sound effect that plays when the Asteroid is cooling down to prepare for another shot, is the same as that of the Portalium Rifle
  • The Asteroid costed 200 gems when it made its debut in the Christmas Trader Van of 2018.
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