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Atlantis is a multiplayer map introduced in 6.2.0 update.



The map retains a similar map design to Pre-17.70, but many things have been changed from the original. The central area now has a Water Fountain with a statue of a person holding the Blade of Justice rather than a front desk. Water droplets now form and drop from the ceiling. There are now doors between each area that open when you approach them. In the "courtyard" that formerly contained trees, a shark-shaped submarine has crashed, with a sea squid caught in its teeth, causing water to flood in from that hole. Inside the submarine, there is a boiler room and a crystal. Along with the normal sea animals that still swim around the area, the Monster of the Deep Character walks around that area and the Kraken Cult Knight can be seen riding a Blue Squid around that area.


It has the appearance of a modern-like temple in the deep of the sea. There are buildings similar to skyscrapers surrounding the map. Inside the temple are two big rooms and two small corridors that lead to two medium sized rooms. A lot of marine creatures swim around the temple, like fish, sharks and octopuses. Is is suggested that this map takes place in the 1940’s due to the posters being based on vintage celebrities such as Uncle Sam.


  • This map is mostly a close-range map (except for the corridors) so use close-range weapons in most cases.
  • This map has two small rooms at the spawns of both teams, so in both cases, you can get good kills with Heavy weapons by attacking in either location, but especially the smaller room that isn't the submarine.
  • Use long-range weapons like Snipers for corridors.
  • There is a corridor on each side of the map, and players don't often pass through the other end of the map using those corridors, they mainly use the main corridors, so use the corridors on the sides for traveling to the spawn area of the other team.
  • The elevated area with stairs and railings are one of the best picks for gun campers, so pick them off with a power sniper.
  • Also, it is very easy to shoot a player while they are climbing up the stairs, to be sure to use a single shot weapon to damage them. This way, (in most cases), they'll cower away and you can kill them while they're on the lam.



  • Initial release.


  • The map was made free instead of costing Coins.


  • The map was removed.



  • The map got a huge redesign.


  • This map named after "Atlantis", a fictional island that sank into the ocean.
  • This map resembles "Rapture", a massive, underwater city from the "BioShock" video game series.
  • This map's aesthetics are based on the 1940s, as evidenced by the "We can do it!" posters in the room with the elevators (a Red Team spawn location).
  • It is the second map to feature water animals, the first map is Pirates!. There is an octopus, sharks, and more.
  • There was a black hole outside the map. Be warned, as you cannot escape once you jump in.
  • This, along with the other Premium Maps, references the game itself. In this case, the reference is a pink neon sign outside the map reading "Pixel Gun", however the sign was removed in the 17.7.0 rework.
  • Some players are able to get out of the temple by doing a glitch where they kill themselves in the elevator and step out of the walls encasing the map (note that only red team players can do this).
  • In the old version of Pixel Gun 3D, the map could be unlocked for 50 Coin.png.
  • In the new remake of the map, a Blade of Justice can be seen on a statue.
  • In 17.7.0, along with the other World War II posters, the Uncle Sam poster was removed from this map, however it is unlikely the reason it was removed was because of censorship as a similar Uncle Sam poster was added to Nuclear City in 17.5.0.



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