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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is Pixel Gun 3D or Pixel Gun World content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D content. If you are looking for the same content in Pixel Gun World, see Attributes (PGW).

Attributes, which can also be called Properties or Abilities, are what describes a weapon's capabilities or effects.

Weapon attributes

A example of a weapon's attributes (the grade, efficiency, fire rate, capacity, and mobility).

A example of a melee weapon's attributes (grade, attack, and mobility).


Main page: Grades System

The six grades are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical. The higher the grade, the harder it is to obtain the weapon.

Any weapon below Mythical grade can also be upgraded to the next grade for a certain amount of Gem.png at maximum level, which increases its damage.


Previously named "Weapon Level" or "Lethality," Efficiency measures the performance of a weapon. The maximum upgradeable level of your weapon is your current level, and at level 65 the maximum efficiency for most weapons is 423.

Fire Rate

Graph showing the relationship between listed fire rate and in-game fire rate.

Represents the rate at which the weapon shoots. Strangely, the actual fire rate does not follow linearly with the listed number, as shown in the graph to the right.


The capacity shows how many rounds a magazine can hold. The only melee that has capacity is the Disconnector.


The higher the mobility, the faster the player moves. This was formerly called Weight, where the numbers are smaller. Even before that, it was called Mobility. As a benchmark, mobility of 90 is equivalent to 130 of the (old) mobility and 100 is equal to 90.


Exclusive to melee weapons. The higher this stat, the faster it swings.

General attributes

Silent Silent.png

Main page: Silent

Gives weapons a suppressor that drastically reduces noise while firing. It does not completely block the sound of the weapon shooting, though.

Wall Break WallBreak.png

Main page: Wall Break

Allows the weapon to shoot through walls with damage reduction if a player is hit through a wall (The Portalius Set, however, can negate this damage reduction if equipped).

Scoped Scoped.png

Main page: Scoped

Gives the weapon a scope that makes long-range combat easier. There are different zoom levels depending on the weapon (e.g. 2x, 4x, 10x).

Area Damage AreaDamage.png

Main page: Area Damage

The weapon can cause damage in an area around the point of impact. How large the affected area depends on the weapon, and certain weapons with this attribute can not give headshots.

For Sandbox ForSandbox.png

Main page: For Sandbox

This weapon can be equipped in the Sandbox game mode.

Piercing Shot PiercingShot.png

Main page: Piercing Shot

Shots from weapons with this attribute can go through multiple entities (players, monsters, or pets), although the damage is reduced for each pierced target.

Shotgun Shotgun.png

Main page: Shotgun

Weapons are a shotgun, which fires multiple bullets in a spread pattern. After the shotgun rework in update 21.2, 1 bullet is enough to cause 100% damage and it doesn't stack, but deals less from long distances.

Automatic Automatic.png

Main page: Automatic

Holding down the fire button for this weapon fires continuously as long the trigger is held or the weapon runs out of ammo.

Single Shot SingleShots.png

Main page: Single Shot

Holding down the fire button fires once, and after a period of time, the weapon will fire again.

Multiple Shots MultipleShots.png

Main page: Multiple Shots

Pressing the fire button will fire a burst of bullets/projectiles and consume one ammo.

Ricochet Ricochet.png

Main page: Ricochet

The weapon's projectile or bullet will bounce off surfaces. Not to be confused with the Ricochet killstreak in which you get when you get a reflected kill when using the Reflector.

Laser Laser.png

Main page: Laser

The weapon projectile is a laser or a beam of light. May hit through multiple enemies and players, depending on the weapon.

Rockets Rockets.png

Main page: Rockets

The weapon will not fire hitscan bullets but will instead fire projectiles in the form of rockets/missiles with travel time.

Looping Shot LoopingShot.png

Main page: Looping Shot

The weapon will fire a projectile that is affected by gravity and will fall in an arc.

Slows Down Target SlowsDownTarget.png

Main page: Slows Down Target

The weapon will slow down players on a hit, preventing them from flying or jumping.

Manual Guidance ManualGuidance.png

Main page: Manual Guidance

Projectiles fired from weapons with this attribute will follow the crosshair.

Contact Detonator ContactDetonator.png

Main page: Contact Detonator

Weapons with this attribute can shoot projectiles that explode after a short time or when an enemy player gets near.

Energy Shield EnergyShield.png

Main page: Energy Shield

The player will take less damage while wielding any of these weapons. Armor and health regenerate slowly and ricochet weapons cannot affect the player. New weapons have a similar attribute called ArmorBonus.png barrier.

Semi-Auto Semi-Auto.png

Main page: Semi-Auto

These weapons can fire multiple bullets in bursts within a single tap of the fire button. Unlike the Multiple Shots attribute, this will consume ammo depending on how many bullets are shot in the burst.

Sticky Mines StickyMines.png

Main page: Sticky Mines

The weapon shoots mines that stick to walls/floors/ceilings and explode when they come into contact with an enemy, or after a short while.

Homing Missile HomingMissile.png

Main page: Homing Missile

This means that weapons or gadgets with this attribute will shoot low-speed projectiles that follow players and monsters until they make contact and deal damage.

Charge Shot ChargeShot.png

Main page: Charge Shot

These weapons require charging by holding down the fire button. The longer you charge, the more damage the projectile/weapon will inflict. A fully charged shot usually does significantly more damage than a partially charged shot. Some weapons require a full charge for special effects, while others can fire at any charge.

Chain Damage ChainDamage.png

Main page: Chain Damage

The weapon fires projectiles that will hit multiple targets if they are close together (note that this is not a form of area damage).

Damage Sphere DamageSphere.png

Main page: Damage Sphere

This means that the weapon emits a sphere surrounding the user. If an enemy player goes inside the sphere, the enemy takes damage.

Poison Poison.png

Main page: Poison

These weapons will poison enemies that are hit, causing them to lose health over time.

Poison Mines PoisonMines.png

Main page: Poison Mines

Similar to the Sticky Mines attribute, it fires projectiles that stick to surfaces. However, they damage the player by rapidly draining their health with a highly strong poison effect.

Critical Damage CriticalDamage.png

Main page: Critical Damage

This property allows a 50% chance that you will inflict double the damage.

Flamethrower Flamethrower.png

Main page: Flamethrower

This attribute means that the weapons fires in a short-ranged spread, and does no damage beyond this range. Please note that this does not necessarily mean the weapon sets targets on fire.

Electro-Thrower Electro-Thrower.png

Main page: Electro-Thrower

Similarly to the flamethrower, these weapons deal damage in a short-ranged spread but have a longer range, more damage, and generally higher firing speed than flamethrowers.

Bleeding Bleeding.png

Main page: Bleeding

This means that if the player hits their target, they will be inflicted with this and slowly lose HP over time.

Burning Burning.png

Main page: Burning

Commonly found on fire or explosion related weapons/pets. The target will quickly lose health for a short amount of time after being damaged, similar to the bleeding and poison effects. Will not affect enemies holding weapons with the Protection From Burning attribute.

Lifesteal Lifesteal.png

Main page: Lifesteal

Successful hits on an enemy will grant the player a small portion of their health (not armor).

Melee Melee.png

Main page: Melee

Exclusive to most of the Melee weapons. It means that the weapons with this attribute can deal damage in a very limited range.

Chainsaw Chainsaw.png

Main page: Chainsaw

Weapons with this attribute will continuously damage enemies when close enough. This attribute in some old weapons doesn't deal damage over time without pressing the fire button. The Combat Yo-Yo and Whip with Cake have this attribute hidden.

Charm Charm.png

Main page: Charm

Hit enemies briefly lose their weapon's efficiency, lowering their damage. New weapons use a similar attribute called Weakening.png Weakening (some weapons with charm got it changed to weakening but still deals charm).

Random Effect RandomEffect.png

Main page: Random Effect

The weapon will give hit enemies either the Poison, Burning or Bleeding effect with each shot.

Rocket Control RocketControl.png

Main page: Rocket Control

Exclusive to the Judge, rockets fired can be manually controlled by the user.

X-Ray Vision X-RayVision.png

Main page: X-Ray Vision

The weapon gives the player the ability to see players through walls when scoped.

Cluster Bomb ClusterBomb.png

Main page: Cluster Bomb

The weapon shoots rockets that create smaller explosions around the main explosion.

Gravitation Force GravitationForce.png

Main page: Gravitation Force

This attribute causes the weapon to pull in enemies to the player while firing. Some weapons are different in the way that they shoot a projectile that explodes into a black hole/wormhole, pulling in enemies for a short period of time.

Invisibility Invisibility.png

Main page: Invisibility

This allows the user to turn invisible while in use. The player's username is hidden to opponents when invisible. Gadget Blocker GadgetBlocker.png

Main page: Gadget Blocker

These weapons will cause enemies to be unable to use their gadgets and module abilities for a short amount of time.

Minigun Minigun.png

Main page: Minigun

It means that the weapon is Automatic, but you must charge it up before it can fire. Removing your finger from the fire button will stop the weapon from charging. When fully charged, the weapon will shoot, regardless of whether there is an enemy player in the vicinity or not.

Armor Bonus ArmorBonus.png

Main page: Armor Bonus

Gives bonus armor points to the player, which can stack if multiple Armor Bonus weapons equipped.

Disable Jumps DisableJumps.png

Main page: Disable Jumps

Enemies affected by weapons with this attribute will not be able to jump or fly. A red text saying "Stunned" appears when the affected player attempts to jump or fly again.

Shooting In Three Directions TripleShot.png

Main page: Shooting In Three Directions

This attribute allows the weapon to shoot in three directions at once (Forward, diagonally left, and diagonally right).

Pulling Towards Target PullingTowardsTarget.png

Main page: Pulling Towards Target

This attribute causes the player to be pulled toward the location of their shot.

Teammates Healing TeammateHealing.png

Main page: Teammates Healing

This attribute allows the player to heal teammates with their attacks (will not regenerate armor). Heals about 1/3 or teammate health per shot/attack.

Enemy Detector EnemyDetector.png

Main page: Enemy Detector

The weapon's model or detecting device will point toward nearby enemies.

More Damage to the Cursed MoreDamageToTheCursed.png

Main page: More Damage To The Cursed

This attribute causes hit enemies to take additional damage from all sources. It is marked by a green skull floating over the target's head.

Based off the Marked for Death attribute from Team Fortress 2.

Teleportation Teleportation.png

Main page: Teleportation

This allows the weapon to create portals that the user can freely travel between.

Deals Damage During Reloading DealsDamageDuringReloading.png

Main page: Deals Damage During Reloading

Allows the weapon to deal area damage around the player while reloading.

Random Rockets RandomRockets.png

Main page: Random Rockets

The weapon will randomly shoot different rockets, each with unique effects and flight patterns. These can be either Piercing Shot, Ricochet, Sticky Mines or Cluster Bomb.

Target Mark TargetMark.png

Main page: Target Mark

The weapon has the ability to mark targets with a red triangle above their heads after a short lock-in period. Marked targets can be seen through walls.

Healing Healing.png

Main page: Healing

Items with this attribute heal the player over time or when activated.

Dash Dash.png

Main page: Dash

Weapons with this attribute allow the player to lunge forward. It is usually accompanied with the Charge Shot attribute.

Shield Shield.png

Main page: Shield

The weapon has the ability to create an energy or physical shield while held, similarly to the Energy Shield gadget.

Super Punch SuperPunch.png

Main page: Super Punch

This allows the weapon to create a huge shockwave (or, in certain weapons, deal extra damage) after hitting enemies a certain number of times.

Consecutive Explosions ConsecutiveExplosions.png

Main page: Consecutive Explosions

The weapon has the ability to create a series of explosions that travel in a line in the direction of the player's shot.

Turns Enemy Into a Sheep TurnsEnemyIntoASheep.png

Main page: Turns Enemy Into a Sheep

Exclusive to Witch's Sheep Cauldron. The weapon has the ability to turn enemy players into sheep that cannot attack or use gadgets, and their health points are decreased drastically.

Increased Damage to Allies IncreasedDamageToAllies.png

Main page: Increased Damage To Allies

The weapon can increase the damage dealt by teammates.

Protection From Burning ProtectionFromBurning.png

Main page: Protection From Burning

Wielding any of these weapons will make the player unable to be set on fire from weapons with the Burning attribute.

Head Enlargement HeadEnlargement.png

Main page: Head Enlargement

The weapon can increase the head size of hit enemies, making them easier to headshot.

Healing Area HealingArea.png

Main page: Healing Area

The weapon can create areas of healing for teammates. The user can also heal themselves.

Killed Target Explodes KilledTargetExplodes.png

Main page: Killed Target Explodes

If an enemy is killed they will explode, dealing damage to other enemies within a certain radius.

Turns An Enemy Into A Beetle TurnsAnEnemyIntoABeetle.png

Main page: Turns An Enemy Into A Beetle

Exclusive to Pew Blaster. Similar to the attribute found on the Witch's Sheep Cauldron, this attribute allows the weapon to turn enemy players into beetles that cannot attack or use gadgets, and their health points are decreased drastically.

Double Jump DoubleJump.png

Main page: Double Jump

When the item is in use, the player gains the ability to double jump (once on the ground and again in mid-air). This is true even if the player does not have double jump boots equipped.

Bonus Revenge Points BonusRevengePoints.png

Main page: Bonus Revenge Points

This attribute offers the user two times the revenge points after killing an enemy that previously killed them.

Coin Drop Chance CoinDropChance.png

Main page: Coin Drop Chance

Enemies killed with this weapon have a chance of dropping a Coin.png on death.

Boomerang Boomerang.png

Main page: Boomerang

These weapons fire projectiles that will return to the player after a short time. The projectile can hit enemy players when coming back. The Combat Yo-Yo and Whip with Cake have these attributes hidden(actually planned to be released with it but were canceled until now with the new weapons, you can consider they have it).

Damage Reflection DamageReflection.png

Main page: Damage Reflection

This attribute reflects part of the damage taken back to the attacker if the weapon or gadget is currently activated/equipped.

Blindness Blindness.png

Main page: Blindness

Enemies hit with this will cause their screen to be covered with a filter or symbol, making it harder for them to see.

Plasma Rocket PlasmaRocket.png

Main page: Plasma Rocket

Weapons with this attribute release a projectile/rocket that deals damage to enemies near them, and can deal extra damage if the projectile directly hits an enemy.

Invisibility While Reloading Invisibility.png

Main page: Invisibility While Reloading

This attribute allows the player to turn invisible while reloading.

Shields Penetration ShieldsPenetration.png

Main page: Shields Penetration

Exclusive to the Piercer, this attribute has the ability to ignore the shield effect on weapons like Sly Wolf & Spirit Mask.

Weakening Weakening.png

Main page: Weakening

This attribute causes enemies to deal 50% damage. This attribute is identical to the charm effect.

Stream Beam StreamBeam.png

Main page: Stream Beam

This attribute allows weapons to shoot a continuous limited range solid beam instead of individual shots. All weapons with this attribute have charge shots (except for the Represser), with the damage and duration increasing with charge.

Area of Effect AreaOfEffect.png

Main page: Area of Effect

Weapons and gadgets with this attribute affect enemies or allies near the player/gadget (for weapons like Solar Flare, the projectile affects nearby enemies).

Creates A Shield While Reloading CreatesAShieldWhileReloading.png

Main page: Creates A Shield While Reloading

Weapons with this attribute generate a barrier while reloading, protecting the user from incoming damage.

Super Burning SuperBurning.png

Main page: SuperBurning

Weapons with this attribute can set enemies on fire. Unlike normal Burning, this effect ignores the Protection from Burning attribute.

Radiation Radiation.png

Main page: Radiation

Weapons with this attribute create a pool of toxic waste on the ground, dealing damage to any players that walk over it.

Super Rocket Jump SuperRocketJump.png

Main page: Super Rocket Jump

Exclusive to System 'Scorpion'. Weapons with these attributes allow the user to Rocket Jump higher than most weapons. The Rocket Jump height is the same as pre-17.5.0 heights.

Exclusive gadget attributes


Resurrection is exclusive. It means that when the user dies, the gadget automatically gives the user an “extra life”. This attribute is now removed, after the removal of the gadget in question.


Jetpack and Demon Stone are exclusive. It allows the user to fly for a period of time, depending on the level of upgrade. When activated, the jump button turns into a jetpack icon. This attribute is also found on pets, indicating that the pet hovers above the ground.

Damage Transfer

Voodoo Snowman is exclusive. It means that the damage done to this gadget is transferred to a random enemy.

Time Shift

Time Machine is exclusive. It sends only the bearer of the gadget back in time; the rest of the map is unaffected.

Damage Boost

When operating, the damage done by the user and their teammates is amplified.

Module Attributes

Bullet Spread

This attribute decreases the spread of bullets when firing. The Butt of the Rifle is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.

Reload Speed

This attribute increases the reload speed of the weapon. The Upgraded Magazine, Pouch, Oilcan and the Bandolier are modules that use this attribute.

Clip Size

This attribute increases the ammo capacity of the magazine. The Drum Magazine and the Battery are modules that use this attribute.

Critical Chance

This attribute increases the chance for a shot to deal twice the damage. The Lucky Bullet is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.

Movement Speed

This attribute increases your movement speed. The Accelerator and the Alloy are modules that use this attribute.

Attack Radius

This attribute increases the hit or blast radius of the weapon. The Astral Blade and the Shrapnel are modules that use this attribute.

Attack Speed

This attribute increases the attack speed of the weapon. The Shiv is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.

Effect Duration

This attribute increases the duration of the status effect (e.g. Poison, Burning) the weapon might have. The Voodoo Doll is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.


This attribute increases the magnification of the scope. The Lenses is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.


This attribute decreases the intensity of the weapon sway when zoomed in. The Handgrip is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.

Recoil Reduction

This attribute decreases the intensity of the recoil when a shot has been fired. The Muzzle Brake is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.

Projectile Speed

This attribute increases the travel speed of the projectile. Jet Fuel is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.

Armor Regeneration

This attribute allows armor to regenerate lost armor points. The Repair Kit is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.


This attribute allows the user's name to be hidden from enemies from a certain distance. The Camouflage is a module that uses this attribute exclusively.

Exclusive Pet Attributes


Only found on the Eagle Spirit and the Pocket Demon, it allows the pet to fly through walls.


Exclusive to the Stone pet. The pet will not attack enemies or provide any special effects.



  • The removal of the Judge and the Resurrection makes the RocketControl.png and the Ressurection.png Resurrection attributes the only attributes that are removed from the game.
  • Before the 17.7.0 update Cluster Bomb weapons' rockets would release smaller bombs instead of simply creating smaller explosions.

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