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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is Pixel Gun 3D or Pixel Gun World content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun World weapon. If you're looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun 3D, see Automatic Peacemaker (PG3D).

The Automatic Peacemaker is a primary weapon in Pixel Gun World. It can be upgraded to the Automatic Peacemaker Up1.


It has four black barrels, with a black body and a white skull underneath the carrying handle. The barrel has red rings all around it. It has an extremely large drum clip. It has a red box where it stores the ammo. It looks like 4 silver wires connected by a red box with rings. It also looks like four little cubes sticking on the end.


The Automatic Peacemaker has a very high rate of fire which compensates the low damage of its projectiles.


  • This weapon is great for close, medium and long ranged combat, but it shows its real potential in close-ranged battles.
  • Use this weapon when you are in close quarters, with little room to escape.
  • This is a very good weapon for backing up teammates, capable of inflicting surprising fire for long periods of time, take into consideration that it has poor mobility however, this is off setted by its vast capacity for defending players.


  • Take the time to attack the users when they reload as the long reload time can be a burden to them.
  • If seen its users, try to jump around and take cover as its fast fire rate and high capacity could easily kill you. Take advantage of its low mobility to either run away and take cover or use an Area Damage weapon to take down its users.





  • This weapon is no longer available, due to the shut down of Pixel Gun World.
  • It is based on the real world Minigun M134.
  • Despite based on the real world Minigun, it has only 4 barrels instead of having 6 barrels like its real life counterpart.

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