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This is removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
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A player texting another player in Pixel Gun 3D with colored text.

BB Codes are special codes you can add to your name to change the font, color etc. The codes can change things such as your name or chats font, size or color and can make it bold, underlined or in italics.

Note: BB codes are defunct when used on names.

Some of the following codes are listed below:

  • [b] Makes the following text BOLD.
  • [i] Changes the following text into ITALICS.
  • [u] UNDERLINES the following text.
  • [s] Adds a STRIKE THROUGH the following text.
  • [3D] Makes the following text TRANSPARENT.
  • [sub] Makes the word a SUBSCRIPT.
  • [sup] Makes the word a SUPERSCRIPT.
  • [c] Changes the word's color into white.

Color/Colour Codes are typed like this: [1FF1FF]. Here are more examples:

  • [FFFFFF] (White)
  • [000000]
  • [808080]
  • [FF0000]
  • [FF8000]
  • [FFFF00]
  • [80FF00]
  • [00FF00]
  • [00FF80]
  • [00FFFF]
  • [0080FF]
  • [0000FF]
  • [8000FF]
  • [FF00FF]
  • [FF0080]
  • [A76015]

Note: The color codes are basically just hexadecimal color codes. The examples above are just some of the many color codes players can use. For more color codes, see here.

Color codes still work ingame however this need an [ff] tag and will revert itself on game restart or another visit in the profile.

Example: [0000ff[ff]]


A player with a name with a very large font size.

  • As of the 10.3.0 update in Pixel Gun 3D, they removed all BB codes for usernames. Users with a colored nickname or clan name will still have their color, unless if both names modify. However, these codes can still be used in the chat.
  • As of the 2.0.0 update in Pixel Gun World, they removed the option to make players name themselves with one or more BB codes. As of the 3.0.0 update, they forcefully removed all of the players' data, including usernames.
  • A BB code was discovered, which changes the font size of the player's name. The syntax is the following: <size=999>Name</size> (it makes the player's nametag's font size huge).
    • However, shortly after this exploit has been discovered, it was patched.
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