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The BLOQ Plasma Module is a Special weapon introduced in the 19.0.0 update.


It is a plasma launcher fitted to the player's arm that has cluster bombs and can deal good damage with a decent fire rate. It has a low mobility, good capacity, and a quick reload.


The BLOQ Plasma Module is a black weapon with purple accents. There are violet streaks running across the face of the gun, and a floating purple ring on top of it. Along with that, there are tubes lining the bottom. There is a functional purple sight on the top of the weapon. Just like other Modules, this weapon is built into the player's arms, with this weapon fitted on the right arm. If you look into the arm, there seems to be a battery instead of bodily tissue, which might explain this weapon's power source. This is most likely the case, as the player types on the arm when reloading, which may be the player replacing the old battery with a new one. The blue wire connecting the arm to the tube act as power conductors.


The player shoots pink/violet plasma rockets with a decently fast travel time and deal decent damage.. These rockets have ClusterBomb.png, which mean that they will explode into smaller bombs on impact. The weapon also has a 4x scope.

While reloading, the player reveals a panel inside the arm, types on the panel, then reveals the weapon again.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the BLOQ Plasma Module will always have a pull-up time lasting around half of a second.



  • The rockets can deal headshot damage, so aim for the head if you want bonus damage.
  • Utilize its rocket jump because not that many specials have this ability
  • Be caution of the cluster bombs, because they can deal self damage
  • Firing at groups of enemies is recommended due to ClusterBomb.png.


  • Rocket or double jump away from cluster bombs and pick off enemy users using a powerful area damage heavy or special.
  • Use the Reflector or the Stealth Bracelet gadget so that users of this weapon would be less interested in killing you.
  • Use a high-damaging Shotgun.png to quickly take care of users.
  • One-shot AreaDamage.png weapons can make quick work of users.

Recommended Maps

This weapon works best in close range maps such as:

Equipment Setups

Bring an automatic weapon to finish off enemies and a sniper weapon to pick off far away enemies due to this weapon's travel time.



  • Initial Release


  • Its damage was increased by 13%.


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