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The Bad Comment is a Primary weapon introduced in the 21.5.0 update


The Bad Comment is a Mythical Primary weapon introduced in the 21.5.0 update. It deals decent damage and is paired with a high fire rate, a decent sized capacity, and great mobility.


It is a grey/black rifle that fires weaponized hate comments.

It features a grey stock with various buttons forming a keyboard, a grey body with a thumbs down on the sides, a red holographic Wi-Fi symbol on top, a white pistol grip connected by a black wire to the stock, and a keyboard on the side. At the front, there is a pair of black barrels with writing on the sides, and two muzzles.


When the fire button is pressed, the weapon will fire hitscan orange bullets. These bullets have the TargetMark.png attribute. When it marks the enemies, it shows a red arrow pointing to the enemy that has been shot. You can also see the red arrow even if the opponent is hiding behind a wall.

When reloading, the user will type in new hate comments into the weapon via the keyboard on the side.



  • Like most Primary weapons, it is an effective general purpose weapon. Use this weapon at medium to short ranges most of the time.
  • Aim for the head as this will deal more damage.
  • Strafe around while firing to minimize damage taken.
  • This weapon is useful for tearing down enemy armor and effective against mobile targets.
  • Use the "Target Mark" attribute to deal with hiders in Duels.


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Area damage weapons and shotguns can quickly finish users off.
  • Strafe around the user while firing to avoid getting hit.
  • Try to wait until the user is out of ammo, then attack while they are vulnerable.
  • Flank around the user with a shotgun or melee weapon and attack them from behind.
  • If all else fails, use this weapon yourself to counter.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Use a sniper weapon for engaging users at long range.



  • Initial release.

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