The Bandit Bandage is a special league accessory introduced in the 11.0.0 update.


It is a simple, red bandana with white details.



☆: It increases the weapon damage for weapons in the Heavy section.


  • Since this hat increases damage for Heavy weapons, try using Heavy weapons often.
  • Try using the most lethal Heavy weapons.
  • Do not buy this hat if your Heavy weapon can one-shot kill any player.
    • If you experience users with Battle Mechs and Demon Stones, and the equipped one-shot kill Heavy weapon can one-shot kill any player and not the Battle Mechs or Demon Stones, it is recommended to buy this hat, in order to reduce the amount of health/armor the player(s) have.


  • Pick off its users from long range.
  • If its users are using Heavy weapons often, take them out with very lethal weapons.
  • Simply stated, there is no proper way of countering users that use this as their helmet. Most of the wear is instead just for boosters, what you should really be focusing on countering is the weapons that your enemies are using.


  • It is one of the 6 special league accessories, the others being the Cowboy Hat, the Afro, the Mushroom Hat, the Evil Brain, and the Burning Tiara.
    • However, this hat was introduced after the introduction of the other special league accessories.
    • These 6 hats were later removed in the 18.0.0 update and is unobtainable now
    • They were brought back in 18.1.0.
  • Before it was introduced as an accessory, it was a detail that the Loud Piggy wore.
  • Despite the name, it isn't actually a bandage. It is actually a bandana.
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