For the pet, see Bat (Pet).

The Bat is an enemy introduced in the 10.0.0 update that can be found in the Crossed World level Swamp , Arena. and the Magic Valley raid map.


This monster appears to be a bat with red eyes, a pair of wings, tiny legs, ears, and 4 fangs: the longer fangs grow on the sides of its upper jaw while the shorter ones sit in a default position. Its body has a leathery, crimson, and light red appearance.


It will fly towards the player, dealing moderate damage. Their flight doesn't make any noise and can easily sneak as a group to an uncautious player, dealing large sums of damage.


  • Simply use a good sniper to take these out.
  • Aim for the head to kill it faster and conserve ammo.
  • Aim with good accuracy because it is hard to hit this mob or monster, as it has a quite fast moving speed and has a small body.
  • When the monsters group up, it's better to use area damage weapons.
  • Bats can make the Turrets distracted, trying to aim at it but it can only attack in diagonal directions.
  • It can maybe be an interrupt or an annoyance in trying to make points at Deadly Arena or Utopia on Co-op Survival (killing enemies while you're busy at another part of the map), so focus looking at the sky a bit, because it flies above you.
  • Use your Pet as a distraction for these monsters.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 100 Heart new 550 Heart new Moderate
Medium 100 Heart new 750 Heart new Moderate
Hard 100 Heart new 900 Heart new Moderate
Arena 100 Heart new 1.25K Heart new Moderate


  • This has longer fangs, while the pet version has shorter, but pointed, fangs.
  • This is the only enemy that has the same species of a different Pet in the game.
  • A reskined grey version of the bat can be seen in the game Craft Royale.

    Bat seen in the Craft Royale Christmas Banner

     which has since been renamed.

    Bat portrait in the game, Craft Royale.

  • One of Pixel Gun Worlds trophies called Dragon Like Bat is inspired by this enemy.
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