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The Battle Credits is a feature that was first added in the 15.2.0 update, along with the Battle Pass and Battle Crowns.


They appear as beige credits with a brown line in the middle. There is the Pixel Gun.


They are only used to upgrade the Battle Pass and buy Battle Pass levels with it.



They can be obtained primarily by clicking on the challenges and tasks of the days that were missed out. Around 10 battle credits will be earned. They can also be obtained by playing matches and best in brawls, since the credit rewards are usually multiplied. Another way to obtain battle credits is by Black Market, it was obtainable with Coin.png and Silver but it is nerfed to only obtainable with Gem.png and it is 3 times rarer than it was before.


The 18.0.0 removed battle credit rewards from battles, resulting in then only being obtainable them from the Black Market and the Battle Pass. But as of 18.1.0, they are once again obtainable from battles.


These credits can only be spent on upgrading the Battle Pass, priced at 2400 battle credits. Another option is also upgrading the Battle Pass, but skipping 15 levels, priced at 6000 battle credits, but there is always a sale that reduces the price to 4800 battle credits. As of 19.0.0, players could also opt to buy Battle Pass levels directly, each one costing 240 credits.


While spending real money to get credits, there is an option to gift the purchased amount of credits to somebody on your friend list.

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