Battle Crowns

The progress bar with the current level.

The Battle Crowns System is a point-based system used in the Battle Pass for progressing into higher levels of the pass.


The crowns are golden yellow, with three gem stones embedded.


Battle Crowns are used for progressing to higher levels in the battle pass. A user must collect a number of battle crowns in order to reach the next level and obtain different rewards.


Battle Crowns can be obtained from completing challenges the pass offers, these challenges can including killing X amount of players, winning X amount of games in a certain gamemode, or firing an X amount of bullets in a weapon category. In addition, Battle Crowns are offered as a daily reward when a user taps on the Battle Pass button, aswell as a reward from the Lucky Chest.


The Battle Crowns progress resets every 30 days once a new Battle Pass season happens. You do not recieve any compensation for crowns earned after the last tier has been unlocked.

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