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The Battle Falcon is a heavy weapon introduced in the 20.0.0 update.


It is an extremely powerful, bird-themed weapon that can potently 1 shot max-armored players, even with high-level modules. The player holds the bird on their hand like one would handle a real falcon.


It looks similar to a real life falcon with brown feathers covering its body, a large wingspan, and orange talons and beak. The falcon also appears to be wearing a green boonie hat, a pair of aviator goggles, and a green vest. It holds a grenade in its claws and has another one dangling near its neck.


When the fire button is pressed, the Falcon will leave your hand and drop the grenades it's holding in a conical shape from your location. There will be some damage falloff to its range, with explosive damage at the very end of its reach being lower than closer to it. It is a very powerful weapon, often being a 1-2 shot kill depending on where your opponent is.

When reloading, the player feeds the bird what appears to be bird food, then gives it a fist bump.

It has Fixed Delay, meaning that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Battle Falcon will always have a pull-up time of about half of a second.



  • Use it in close range to maximize efficiency.
  • Use this to mark players.
  • You can use this weapon to pick off players above you. For example, it can be used to kill players on the rooftop in Classic Pool. You can also attack the enemy with a Wall Break weapon while using target mark to know their location.
  • This is useful in Escort, as it can hit players from across the ram.
  • This weapon can somehow hit through weapons like Sly Wolf and Spirit Mask.
  • This bird has a hidden Wall Break attribute. The damage does not decrease after shooting through walls, so use this to your advantage.


  • Pick off its users from long range with a powerful sniper.
  • Once it hits you, you are target marked, so try to move often. While staying still you can be easily be hit by a wall break weapon.
  • Because it has wall break, you are never safe inside buildings, especially since it has target mark.
  • Use the Reflector or weapons with the DamageReflection.png attribute to make sure the Battle Falcon users will think twice about hitting you.
  • Because this weapon has fixed delay or pull out delay, when the user is pulling this out, shoot them before they can assault you.
  • Shoot them with a charm weapon like Aphrodite Crossbow, as its charm effect will make your opponent deal less damage.


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a powerful sniper for long range such as the Sniper Dude and a powerful primary such as the Secret Forces Rifle for medium range.


  • Initial Release.


  • Damage decreased by 11%.
  • Damage decreased by 5%


  • It is the sixth weapon with the Consecutive Explosion ability, the others being Knight's Axe, Ice Club, Cthulhu Legacy, Ban Hammer, and PGA-06 TV.
  • When you hold the weapon while being invisible, the clothes of the falcon will be see-through and there's a missing texture at the chest.
  • The falcon always flies horizontally whether you aim up, down, or ahead.
  • Airbourne enemies can still be damaged despite the lack of an explosion on their body.
  • Despite the falcon flying high above and dropping grenades, it still works when a roof is above your head as the grenades go through it.
    • Strangely enough, the falcon can also fly through walls.
  • The grenade resembles the Frag Grenade.
  • In the 20.0.0 update loading screen, its clothes and hat are brown instead of the usual green.
  • The weapon has gained infamy in the Pixel Gun 3D community for being overpowered due to its high damage and ConsecutiveExplosions.png attribute. This was also because of its Target mark attribute and its ability to hit enemies through walls.
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