The Battle Mech, formerly called the "Mech", is a gear item (which later turned into a Tools gadget) introduced in the 9.0.0 Update in Pixel Gun 3D.  


It is a heavily equipped robot. It has large iron legs, with modified Mech Heavy Rifle as extensions of its arms, a robotic head, and brown details. This is similar to the Military Mech but the main color is silver, not camo. Some of the brown details include a skull near the waist and a badge-looking shape on its chest.


The Mech fits the player into a suit of armor. The health count increases dramatically. When using the Mech, the player receives two dual blasters. These blasters have unlimited ammo and do large amounts of damage, enough to kill a player with armor in just a few shots. The Mech lasts for a while unless destroyed by another player or a monster. Doing so results in additional points and a "Mech Kill".



  • Aim wherever you want on the player, since killing a person, by aiming the head, will not result in a Headshot achievement.
  • Note that your mobility decreases once you activate the Battle Mech, so activate it when there aren't situations where you need to escape in order to survive.
  • Use this when your health is low because you will have extra survival time.
  • When fighting Ghost Lantern users, you will need full health and armor points, or at least, almost full health and armor points, in order to survive against a ghost projectile.
  • In Team Fight, use this gadget to cover your teammates from enemy fire and provide additional firepower and support.
  • The mech is very accurate. The crosshair does not spread out the more you fire, which means it can be used in long range combat.
  • Do not use this for killing a full health person, as it would take a long time.
  • Be aware that when using it your size increases dramatcly that you some times cant go through corridors so be aware from getting stuck.


  • Because the Mech is very devastating once it gets into range, avoid its shots and try remaining out of range so it can't hurt you.
  • People inside the Mech have decreased mobility, so they are slightly slower on foot and lose the ability to double jump (granted they are equipped with the Ninja Tabi or the Berserk Boots). Use this to your advantage and equip weapons that grant higher mobility (most commonly these are Melee Weapons) or use gadgets like the Jetpack to evade users of the Battle Mech. However, be careful because a skilled enough player could easily still kill you due to the No recoil provided by the Mech's guns.
  • To annoy those users and potentially immobilize them, try using weapons/gadgets with the "Slows the Target" attribute.
  • Use weapons with high efficiency to take care of the mech quickly.
  • Pick off its user(s) from longer ranges where it's less likely for them to hit you.
  • Use the Disabler to prevent people who are equipped with one from using it for a while.
  • Try attacking the user from behind. They are less likely to notice you, and as any user with this gadget equipped will almost immediately get targeted, you can most certainly get a kill or assist one.
  • Using the Ghost Lantern against the mech will heavily damage it, making it easy to finish off.
  • In Team Fight scenarios, pick off the non-mech players (who are relying on the active mech) to contribute to your team's kill count, also due to the fact that they are easier to kill.
  • Use the Soulstone to destroy Rocket Mech users as it can one-hit or heavily damage the Battle Mech.
  • Don't use spray and prey, as that tactic is used for enemies that are fairly hard to hit. cycle between high damage weapons and you'll take the Mech down quickly, as the hitbox is very large.
  • Use a quick firing primary weapon, such as miniguns, for example, the Champion Peacemaker.
  • Note that since the size of the mech is bigger than a normal player so its user’s hitbox will be bigger. Meaning it will be easier to hit them.
  • Use a Ninja Shuriken or a High-Damage Heavy Weapon to destroy the mech. (or any high damage weapon to destroy the mech)
  • If you are killed by this gadget in duels, wait until it's duration runs out before you hit the Go Battle button that lets you respawn.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 40 Seconds 21 Seconds
Tier 1 39 Seconds 22 Seconds
Tier 2 38 Seconds 23 Seconds
Tier 3 37 Seconds 25 Seconds
Tier 4 36 Seconds 27 Seconds
Tier 5 35 Seconds 28 Seconds
Tier 6 34 Seconds 29 Seconds
Tier 7 33 Seconds 31 Seconds
Tier 8 32 Seconds 33 Seconds
Final Tier 31 Seconds 34 Seconds



  • Initial release.


  • Its firing sound was changed. The sounds were similar to that of the "Predator".


  • The gadget was put in the Support category and it was renamed to "Battle Mech".


  • The Battle Mech was moved to the Tools category as the Support category was removed.


  • Your height is increased in the Mech, as your point of view raises, and the player has to aim higher to earn a successful headshot.
    • Due to this, your hitbox is also increased.
  • The Mech itself is a resemblance to Power Armor from Warhammer 40k series.
  • Shooting the head of the Mech does extra damage to it.
  • A player in a Mech is not killed when a Mech is destroyed, the Mech explodes, and the player is left unharmed. However, survival in this situation is not likely as the enemy is likely to kill the Mech user before they can react to losing it.
    • Also, the health of the Mech is represented by "gears". Similar to Armor, they change color as they upgrade. Some parts of the Mech also change color after each upgrade similar to Armor.
  • In the campaign map Megalopolis, there is a boss that resembles the Mech but with a different color scheme with a Jetpack and wielding dual Mech Heavy Rifles. It's also camouflaged
  • The Mech used to cost 21 Gem for a pack of three. Like all of the gear, the player begins the game with 4 of each type (except for grenades) to use and test throughout their following matches. However, it became a pick-up along with the other gear items in the 10.3.0 update.
    • Later in the 11.1.0 update, it was purchasable again and no longer was a pick-up, but instead a gadget.
      • If a player previously had Mechs, they would be refunded 7 Gem for each Mech they had.
  • In the older versions, its description said that it was "The Ultimate Killing Machine", but later changed possibly because of its violent theme.
  • Unlike its older counterpart, it has cooldowns to give balance in its use, much like any other gadgets added in the same update.
  • It seems to be illogical that a Battle Mech can Bleed and/or get Poisoned, as they are not biological creatures.
  • It appears in the Repair Bench.
  • There's a more powerful counterpart of this Gadget which can be obtained only through the Clans System (PG3D), the Rocket Mech.
  • You were able to use the Jetpack , Invisibility Potion while using this at once.
  • This is one of the 4 gadgets that completly changes the players shape the other 3 being the rocket mechdemon stonerobot samurai.


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