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Robb-e, one of the battle pass guides since Season 2. This guide is still being used today.

The Battle Pass, or commonly abbreviated as the BP, is a task and reward system feature that was introduced in the 15.2.0 update.


When the player opens the Battle Pass menu, a helpful robot called Robb-e will provide them some challenges. Sometimes, he'll be wearing an outfit to commemorate the season. When they complete those challenges, they will get a number of battle experience, which can be used to level up and give possibilities to accumulate rewards.

To get those rewards, the player must buy the pass with Battle Credits, which can be obtained from the Lucky Chest, Black Market, or normal battles, but best at Brawls. The player can get a Battle Pass upgrade if they have enough Battle Credits. If they did not buy the Battle Pass upgrade, the player will get 1 reward per level up of the Battle Pass upgrade, with the experience being Battle Crowns. If the player bought the Battle Pass upgrade, the player will get 2 per level up.

Battle Pass Levels

With the exception of the Phoenix Season and the Cyber Season and Easter season (which has 50 tiers) each Battle Pass has 30 levels. Upon reaching level 10 in a Battle Pass, a player is required to obtain 150 Battle Crowns to level up instead of 100, and upon reaching level 20 a player must earn 200 Battle Crowns to level up.


NOTE: The information in this section logs only changes with the feature itself and the bug fixes that were applied to it, not the changes of the season.

  • Initial release.
  • The level count was reduced from 50 to 30.
  • All tiers contain a reward that can be kept.
  • A bug with an empty Battle Pass was fixed.

Tasks and Tips

Main article: Battle Pass Tasks and Tips

Battle Pass Seasons

  1. Phoenix Season
  2. Cyber Season
  3. Wild West Season
  4. Winter Season
  5. Christmas Invasion
  6. Operation SNOW
  7. Magic Season
  8. Superhero Season
  9. Survivor's Season
  10. Toy Season
  11. Summertime Season
  12. Chess Season
  13. Arcade Season
  14. Halloween Season
  15. Thanksgiving Season
  16. Fairytale Season
  17. Oriental Season
  18. Expedition Season
  19. Easter Season
  20. Anime Season
  21. Atlantis Season
  22. Olympian Season
  23. Game Developer Season
  24. Extended Summer Season
  25. Secret Foundation Season
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