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The Battle Pass is a feature added in the 15.2.0 update.

When the player open the battle pass menu, a character acting as a guide, will give some challenges. When they complete those challenges, they will get a number of battle experience, which can be used to level up and give possibilities to accumulate rewards. To get those rewards, the player must buy them with Battle Credit, which can be obtained from the Lucky Chest or normal battles, but best at Brawls. The player can get a battle pass upgrade if they have enough battle credits. If they did not buy the battle pass upgrade, the player will get 1 reward per level up of the battle pass upgrade, with the experience being Battle Crowns. If the player bought the battle pass upgrade, the player will get 2 per level up.

Here is a list of tasks (not sorted by what was available in seasons, but by every type of task that existed in all seasons) and some tips that can make accomplishing these tasks easier.

Tasks Tips
Team Strike-win 3 matches Try to invite your friends to help you win.
Siege-eliminate 5 enemies using the sniper scope When defending, stay in your fort and snipe the opponents.
Team fight-play one match without armor This one is very easy, just take off your armor and spam area damaging or high-damaging weapons.
Open daily chest in clans Wait until certain time (as shown as being superimposed onto the daily chest) and then open that chest.

Prerequisite: Join the clan.

Open 5 Lucky Chests Just use gems or watch a video, they both count.
Play one match The simplest yet easiest, just play a match on any game mode and you're set, regardless of victory or defeat, or stalemate.
Play two Raid matches Do this if you're desperate, it takes less than 30 minutes (if entire match).
Play two matches with a backup weapon You don't need to win, you need to just play 2 matches and nothing more. But if you want to win, you can equip a powerful pistol like Ouroboros, Exterminator , etc.
Win 3 Duel (PG3D) matches in a row Use OP weapons against your enemies if you aren't a good player, or use Three Category Spam or powerful snipers like Sniper Exoskeleton if you have good aim.
Do 1000 shots from a primary weapon Equip the fastest fire rate primary that you have and just go to first level of Campaign and shoot till the task will be finished. When finished, it will be shown on the top part of the screen. Collect Ammo (PG3D) pick-ups if needed
Eleminate 3 enemies in Team Fight (PG3D) This is one of the easiest tasks, just take any weapon that is at your level, go to close range map like Pool Party (PG3D) and you'll be fine.
Get 75 coins This is easy, just play as many matches as possible and you'll be fine. It's recommended to win these matches.
Capture 2 flags in Flag Capture (PG3D). When you joined the match, instantly go to enemies' base to get the flag.

If one of your teammates already has a flag, go near him/her. If teammate dies, you'll be able to grab a flag to your base. If your flag is stolen, hide and move as much as possible. You can return your flag by yourself, but it's a bit risky.

Win a Battle Royale match without taking damage from the storm. Always stay inside the safe area if you can, and use default melee weapon to remain mobile.

Battle Pass themed challenges

This type of challenges is exclusive for upgraded version of Battle Pass. There are 6 challenges, they're always same and they're called according to pass name. For example, Oriental Season=Oriental Challenges, Halloween Season=Halloween Challenges. If you complete them, you'll always get at least one weapon, skin and something associated with Battle Royale. Anyways, BR items aren't always in challenges. For example, Halloween Season of Battle Pass had one Skin (PG3D) and 2 weapons.

Battle Pass themed challenges list and tips for them

Challenge name Tip for it
Team Fight (PG3D). Win 5 matches in a row Use powerful heavies like Christmas Ultimatum or do the Three Category Spam technique (only with good aim). Leave from the match if your team is still losing even with your help, it won't ruin your win counter.
Point Capture. Eliminate opponents with weapons from every category during 1 life. Play on Area 52 Labs, it's the best map for completing this challenge.

Here're the tips for completing this challenge:

  • At first, stay on your base and shoot your opponents with a sniper weapon from there.
  • After getting a kill, equip a good long ranged backup weapon like Exterminator and kill the second opponent.
  • Then, equip a good automatic weapon like Secret Forces Rifle and kill one opponent from long range again.
  • It's adviced to have good long range special like Reflector (Weapon) or Poison Darts, not a flamethrower.
  • Use Rocket Jump (PG3D) or other long-range Heavies (if they doesn't deal self damage of course) or Jetpack is a good idea.
  • Combat Yo-Yo is a good variant, as it has a good range and high Efficiency per swing.
  • Stay mobile and try to not attack enemies' if on low HP/armor, or/and have no Ammo (PG3D).
Deathmatch. Eliminate 25 enemies using the sniper scope. Equip a good sniper weapon, go to close ranged map like Pool Party (PG3D) and quickly aim and shoot at your enemy, basically performing the Quick-scoping technique.
Get 1000 coins.
  • Watch ads to get 15 Coin.png (can yield 45 coins before 12 hours cooldown.
  • Play as actively as possible.
  • Spam something very powerful like Christmas Ultimatum in matches. You can play with something that takes skill and strong like Digital Sunrise.
  • Or you can go to clan with 45000 silvers, open 3 Large Clan Chests and Clan Super Chest.
Team Strike. Eliminate 25 opponents with a headshot. Use different weapons for different maps. For example, a good way to complete this challenge is to go to Aztec Temple and use good sniper against your enemies from long ranges, like Block Rifle. On Facility, use Viking or another powerful shotgun. Universal way is to use good automatic primaries like Secret Forces Rifle, but it may be hard to hit last shot to the head.

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