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This is removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
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The Bee Swarm Spell was a Primary weapon introduced in the 11.0.0 update and deleted in 15.2.0.


It was a yellow bee spell that would shoot bees that follow the player. It dealt above-average damage, had a decent fire rate, low capacity (but it didn't need to reload) and had above-average weight for lower levels. It was entirely deleted from the game in the 15.2.0 update.


Much like the other spells, it was a book, but hazel and gold in color. The front page had a picture of a bee on it. While holding this weapon, the player seemed to be holding a small swarm of bees. When fired, one giant bee was shot and homed in on the nearest enemy player.


The player would hold the book on the left hand and the bees on the right. When shooting, the player would throw a group of swarming bees. The bees will detect the player and follow the player until it attacks the player or it can not detect the player anymore.

Since this weapon had one capacity per shot, it would never reload.

Since delay mechanics didn't exist before the weapon's deletion, it had no delay between weapon switching.



  • There are no tips for this weapon as it is removed.


  • There are no counters for this weapon as it is removed.

Recommended Maps

  • This weapon can't be used on any maps as it is removed from the game.

Equipment Setups

  • This weapon can't be used in any setups as it is removed from the game.



Initial release.


It was entirely removed from the game.


In the 15.2.0 update, it was removed from the game completely due to community feedback urging for its removal (mainly because of its homing missile property). Any player that has bought it previously will be issued a full refund. The Smart Bullet Bazooka, Swarmer, Judge, Nanobots Rifle, and the Resurrection were removed as well.


  • This is currently one of the 11 spells that ever existed in the game, the others being the Frost Beam Spell, the Thunder Spell, the Love Spell, the Poison Spell, the Airblade Spell, the Curse Spell, the Shadow Spell, the Earth Spike Spell, the Fireball Spell and the Spell of Bats.
    • Ever since the removal of this spell and then the addition of the Spell of Bats, there are currently 10 spells in the game.
  • As of 11.0.0, this was the first and only Primary weapon which is a spell.
    • Though, in the 13.2.0 update, a second Primary spell was added, the Poison Spell.
  • This, alongside the Thunder Spell, are the only spells with single shots stated in the stats page.
  • Though it's not stated, this weapon performed area damage; the area damage effect is so minor, it was almost never noticeable in battle.
  • This is the first (and currently only) spell that got removed from the game.
  • In the 13.5.0 update, this weapon received a combat level of 8.
    • However, previous owners of this weapon had one with a higher combat level (this varies between levels).
  • The legacy of this weapon lives on with the Cyber Bees Swarm gadget, which was introduced in the 17.5.0 update.
  • This weapon would be considered a bio mechanical weapon due to it having biological components as it uses live bees through the summoning of magic.


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Note that the weapons listed above were completely removed from the game from every player, not just removed from the Armory or after the end of a Battle Pass season.





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