The first pancake always makes a mess... Out of the enemys face

—Weapon's description in Gallery

Big B's Oven is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 16.0.0 update. It is part of the Cookie King Set.


It is an oven that shoots cookie cluster bombs. It has very good damage, a slow fire rate, a small capacity, and slow mobility. This weapon is 2 shots to airborne opponents otherwise it's a 1 shot.


It takes the appearance of a conventional white oven.

It has a light blue screen with silver/black handles. On the side of the front, it has a black dashboard with 3 dials. At the back, it has a power cell with various vents and wires connecting to the trigger at the left-hand side of the oven.


The Big B's Oven deals a very high amount of damage, has a low capacity, average fire rate for a heavy weapon, and low mobility. It can 1 shot players with the cluster bombs with lvl 6 elemental modules.

When fired, it launches a tray of cookies at a high speed. When reloading, the user opens the oven and puts a tray of cookies in it. It has a fixed delay.



  • Aim at a group of multiple enemies, to well benefit the nature of its explosions.
  • Equip a weapon with higher mobility when traversing a long distance such as a high mobility melee like the dark force saber
  • It can be used to counter bunny-hoppers, aim at the feet when they are about to land.
  • Pairing this with the Singular Grenade is recommended as the grenade will pull enemies into one place making them an easy target for kills and points.
  • Spam this in small maps like Silent School for an almost guaranteed win.
  • This weapon has a fixed delay so keep that in mind.


  • Pick off its user(s) at long ranges.
  • Staying airborne as much as possible will limit the window of getting one-shot.
  • The fire rate is quite fast for a high-damaging weapon, so try moving in random patterns with a high-mobility weapon so that it decreases the possibility of you getting hit.
  • Kill the oven user with a high-damage sniper-like Anti-Champion Rifle using the time of the delay.
  • Take cover whenever possible.
  • Note that the oven has large area damage and a large AoE so make sure the obstacle that you use to take cover is thick enough.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip a strong melee weapon as you may damage yourself if you use this at close range. Furthermore, equip a strong sniper for long-ranged battles. Additionally, a fast-firing automatic is recommended for finishing players who survived a shot from this weapon.



  • Initial release. It was a 2 shot, but it is a 1 shot with cluster bombs.


  • It was nerfed to 3 shots.


  • It’s as powerful as it was before.


  • The weapon's damage was reduced by 17%.


  • It no longer uses Toy Bomber's projectiles as its Cluster Bombs.


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