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This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun World.
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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun World map. If you are looking for the same map in Pixel Gun 3D, see Cargo Ship.

Big Barge is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 3.5.0 update.


It takes place on a cargo ship, and it takes a little bit of parkour. There are blue, green, red, and yellow cargo containers found at the ship, and there are bridges on each side of the ship. Some cargo containers are open and empty. Others are closed. There are small platforms found there on the side.

The Blue team spawns in the bridge and the Red team spawns on another bridge on the other side.


  • Since the barrels are thin, you can use flamethrowers for wall breaking, or area damage weapons with a decently large blast radius.
  • Use close range weapons.


  • The map has been removed in the Superheroes Update for an unknown reason.
  • This map is exclusive to Team Fight.
  • It has been introduced in the Kung-Fu Update despite this map doesn't even look like a kung-fu map.
  • This, Paradise Resort and Isla de la Muerte are the only maps that are surrounded by water.
  • This is the same as team strike cargo ship.


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