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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is Pixel Gun 3D or Pixel Gun World content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D weapon. If you are looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun World, see Big Buddy (PGW).

You need to be a powerlifter to get ammo for Buddy with you everywhere. Remember? You are shooting with cannon balls! Don't you also forget a lighter for a fuse. I have taken new ammo. How do I walk now?

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Big Buddy is a weapon introduced in the 6.0.5. update. It is located in the Heavy section of the Armory. It was removed in 10.1.0 and can only be obtained from special event chests or the Trader's Van.


It is a large, black, handheld cannon with a sparkly fuse and a wooden mount on the bottom. It also looks like it has a mushroom or face that is black with a yellow and red outline. It has insane damage, a very slow fire rate, mediocre capacity, and low mobility.


This weapon is an enormous and cumbersome cannon. Adorned on the side is a black smiley face with a yellow and red ring surrounding it, resembling an explosion. There is a small lit fuse on the top. At the bottom of the cannon, there is an unusable wooden base with 4 small wheels attached.


This cannon shoots a large, black cannonball with a fast, but not instant bullet travel time. On impact, it leaves a large explosion. After every shot, the player touches the fuse.

When reloading, the player puts three cannonballs into the cannon. It has no delay mechanics.



  • The Big Buddy is best for close range, where the opponent is trapped in a tight space.
  • If the player is attacking with the Big Buddy in short-range, the player should be careful as to not inflict self-explosion damage.
  • Try to stay as close as possible to your opponent, as it can deal insane damage within a short-range.
  • Due to its low mobility, it makes the user's mobility encumbered, a weapon with higher mobility such as Dark Force Saber can be used for moving around much quicker.
  • Use the Singular Grenade to pull enemies together and kill them together with this weapon.
  • One should NEVER Rocket Jump with this weapon as this will take out a huge chunk of their armor and health and/or kill the user as well and that its low fire rate renders this weapon not very useful for Rocket Jumping.
    • You could jump then rocket jump with this weapon, as it takes off a little piece to no damage to your armor and health
  • Treat this weapon as a shotgun alike the Ultimatum but in the heavy category by using it in close distances and to finish people off with an area damage.
  • This weapon has one of the slowest firing rates in the game, try to equip a high-damaging weapon like the Boar's Roar or Gun Force PGX to hold off enemies while you're re-arming this cannon.
    • Alongside the slow firing rate it also has a sluggish reload time, don't reload unless it's safe to.
  • It is recommended to 3CatSpam with this weapon due to its slow firerate.
  • Go for direct hits as they are almost a guaranteed one shot kill.


  • If the player sees a user firing at them from a distance, be warned, it's usually a one-shot kill on direct hits.
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges. It is best to target these users as they can deal heavy damage.
  • Due to its low mobility, rapid-firing weapons can easily deal heavy damage to the user while area damage weapons disorient their aim.
  • Always be strafing. That low fire rate is a big disadvantage for its users.
  • Attack the user with a shotgun, Melee or any ranged weapons when they are reloading, as CONSTANT reloads keeps the user very vulnerable to any attacks.
  • While attacking, stay airborne due to the area damage.
  • It is recommended to use double jump boots and other wear that makes you jump higher.
  • It is also recommend to rocket jump often to avoid being hit.


Information Image
  • Name: Space Pirate
  • Cost: 300 Gem.png
  • Released: 16.4.1
  • Name: Volcano
  • Cost: 300 Gem.png
  • Released: 16.4.1
  • Name: Huge Bell
  • Cost: Obtainable from the Trader's Van; cost depends on level; now avaiable in armory for 200 Gem.png
  • Released: 17.1.1
Giant bell big buddy.png
  • Name: Black Friday
  • Cost: Obtainable from the Trader's Van; cost depends on level;
  • Released: 19.1.0

Recommended Maps

Train Depot, Silent School, Pool Party and other closed-in small maps.

Equipment Setups

Since the Big Buddy can hold only 3 cannonballs in the weapon itself and every time the player fires the Big Buddy the fuse has to be re-lit, the Big Buddy is better for players with lower grade armor. If you happen to encounter a player with higher grade armor, use that to your advantage by firing at the ground when they land if they are jumping around, causing the opponent to take major explosion damage if done correctly.


This weapon is undoubtedly one of the most popular weapons in the game. It was one of the OG weapons, as it was released in 6.0.5. It was very powerful during its release, as there were few heavies that could compete with its power(one that could was the Anti-Gravity Blaster). It’s popularity has dimmed down in modern times, but still remains true as a PG3D classic. Players with this weapon often equip a highly mobile weapon, which heavily improves their strategy with the use of this weapon. Many players were disappointed when this weapon got removed from the game, but when the Trader's Van was released, this weapon eventually popped up in the van one day and made the players happy. When the new trophy system was introduced, many players who didn't get this weapon can finally obtain it from the trophy system if they earned enough tags.



  • The Big Buddy is released into the game.


  • The weapon was removed.
  • Its grade has been changed from Common to Legendary.


  • The weapon was added back temporarily and can be obtained from the Super Chest along with other removed weapons. It was also obtainable for a limited time in the Trader's Van during Pixel Gun 3D's birthday.


  • It was brought back again and could be obtainable from the Winner Chest in the Thanksgiving Event for a limited time. It was then obtainable from various Trader's Vans.


  • It's mobility was increased from 40 to 70. But it was reverted due to the bug glitch.


  • When purchased from the Trader's Van, the weapon will be upgraded to Mythical and comes with a skin.


  • The player carries the Big Buddy even though it has wheels on the bottom of the base.
  • At the side of the Big Buddy, there is a logo, which resembles the logo of the Serious Sam series.
  • It has the second-lowest mobility in the game, with only the Missile Thrower (PG3D) having the lowest mobility.
  • There is a possibility of it to return to Pixel Gun 3D since the Pixel Gun Company has talked about which classic weapons should be back into the game.
  • The inventory icon of the Big Buddy is identical to its Pixel Gun World's icon.
  • This weapon has the second lowest fire rate of any weapon in the game, with a fire rate of 15, only being beaten by the Circus Cannon, with a fire rate of 14.
  • It is still a one shot if you directly hit the player for about 90% of the time.
  • For owners and other players seeing this weapon and its upgrades were identical to the Apocalypse, but its original stats are still intact.
  • In an unknown update, it lost its "Single Shots" attribute
  • This was one of many weapons that was spammed other one being the Ghost Lantern
  • This weapon can be occasionally available in the Trader's Van, along with the Solar Power Cannon, Pixel-Cola Refresher and the Portal Cannon.
  • The Gallery description of this weapon claims it was the reason anti-3CatSpam protocols were added to the game though it has no delay mechanics.


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