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The Biotic Shield is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 17.5.0 update. It requires one's clan to reach Golden Division to unlock.


It is a golden device worn on the right side of the player's head that has a blue wire, a red wire, and a black antenna with a red highlight attached at various points. It also has a gem embedded on the side.


When activated, the blue cross in front will shoot out a blue ball of energy that expands into a blue sphere-shaped shield that can absorb any damage inflicted by enemies, protecting yourself and your allies. It has the AreaOfEffect.png and EnergyShield.png attributes. The shield lasts for a period of time and can the duration can be increased by upgrading. Moreover, after each use, players must wait a 50-39 second cooldown before he/she can use it again.



  • Use this gadget while getting spawn-camped or in narrow hallways.
  • If the shield activates in mid-air, it will be very difficult to get within it, as the shield does not serve as a platform.
  • This gadget is more useful for co-operative modes, because it can protect both you and your teammates.
    • Although, you can alternatively use it for yourself in Deathmatch.
  • This gadget is most effective when used in Flag Capture/Point Capture. In particular, on a contested point or the flag, where you can fend off the attackers by shooting them from behind the shield.
    • Area Damage weapons prove to be very useful on these occasions.
  • Combine it with the Armor Generator so you can regenerate your armor if you get shot.


  • Attack and damage the players behind the shields with area damage weapons.
  • Bypass the shield's width. If it is in a doorway, try to flank the user by using alternate routes leading to them.
  • Wait until the Biotic Shield stops, then attack the player(s). If the players have powerful weapons, it is best not to engage them in combat.
  • Use the Disabler to prevent the user from activating this.
  • Use high damaging Primary weapons such asUltimatum or area damage weapons with a large radius like the Ice Club or Lance Soul Card as they have enough damage radius to pierce through the shield.
  • Use any weapon with WallBreak.png or a big enough AoE (Area of Effect) as the shield cannot absorb every form of ranged attack, unlike the Sly Wolf (The Sly Wolf itself cannot block all ranged attacks either).
    • However, the damage dealt by Wall Break will be reduced, similar to when a player damages an enemy through a map structure.
  • Walk inside the shield quickly and preferably unnoticed and use a powerful close-range weapon like Ninja Shurikens or a Melee to eliminate the enemy.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 50 Seconds 13 Seconds
Tier 1 50 Seconds 13 Seconds
Tier 2 50 Seconds 13 Seconds
Tier 3 50 Seconds 13 Seconds
Tier 4 50 Seconds 14 Seconds
Tier 5 47 Seconds 14 Seconds
Tier 6 47 Seconds 14 Seconds
Tier 7 47 Seconds 14 Seconds
Tier 8 47 Seconds 15 Seconds
Tier 9 45 Seconds 15 Seconds
Tier 10 45 Seconds 15 Seconds
Tier 11 45 Seconds 15 Seconds
Final Tier 39 Seconds 16 Seconds



  • Initial release date


  • This is one of the first (among all the Gadgets that were added in 17.5.0) Gadgets which can be obtained only through the Clans System.
  • It functions similarly to the Energy Shield, except that it is a Throwing Gadget instead of a Tool.
  • Unlike the Energy Shield, the protection covers 360°, and cannot be destroyed. Enemy players can also pass through it.
  • In the armory, it is shown to be worn over the head. However, it shoots the shield forward when activated instead of generating it on the spot.
  • It had an unreleased variant that was blue instead of yellow.
  • It has the same ability as Chrono, a character from Free Fire. Except, in PG3D cannot being destroyed and in Free Fire will use his ability on his spot.


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