The Black Bird is a very common enemy in Raids.


It is a black bird with red eyes. It has medium sized wings and has a short white beak. It’s dark feathers and small size make it hard to spot in low-light environments.


It will fly above head level, often out of sight. Keep your eye on the sky to avoid contact. It is a melee-ranged enemy, where it will "bite" a player when they got close enough.


  • This monster is so fragile, even one shot from a Steam Revolver is enough to kill it.
  • Be aware if you are staying still at lower levels, keep your eyes in the skies.
  • Aim with good accuracy because it is hard to hit this mob as it is tiny.
  • When the monsters group up, it's better to use area damage weapons.
  • Black birds can make the Turrets distracted, trying to aim at it but it can only attack in diagonal directions.
  • It can maybe be an interrupt or an annoyance in trying to make points at Deadly Arena or Utopia on Co-op Survival (killing enemies while you're busy at another part of the map), so focus looking at the sky a bit, because it flies above you.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 2 Heart new.png 10 Heart new.png Fast
Medium 2-3 Heart new.png 10 Heart new.png Fast
Hard 3 Heart new.png 10 Heart new.png Fast


  • Players can stand on it, or ride it, but it will still attack them, unlike the Dragon Boss.
  • It was the first new enemy to be added after the initial release of the game.
  • In some areas, it may be hard to see due to it blending in with some backgrounds.
  • This is one of the few enemies that can fly.
  • Many players initially mistake this creature for a Bat, which it is not.
  • If a pet is on the ground and a bird is above it (e.g Panther, Alien Cat), it will start to follow it around and the pet will move randomly.
  • When it was first introduced to the game it originally  reused the regular zombie sounds.
  • It is one of the few original enemies left in the game that has pretty much stayed the same since its initial release. Other than getting new animations in late 2013 it has never been updated with a new model, texture, etc. The Desert Crawler Head (campaign) can also be considered a relic as it has only been updated once with new animations.  

    Black Bird preview

    PGW variation of the bird in Arena mode

  • In Pixel Gun World there is an exclusive variation of this enemy in the arena mode, a red tinted version of the Parallel World variation thats in the mobile version. 

    PGW exclusive Bird atlas.

  • It isnt clear why these birds would attack you. Its either
    Appearance in the Deadly Arena.jpg
     because they are hostile, or they are zombified.
    • This is very likely as these birds have red eyes
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