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Each season of the clan war offers a wide variety of products, and only accepts silver, coins, and gems as payment.

—Official description of the Black Market

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The Black Market, commonly abbreviated as the BM, is a feature in the Clans System introduced in the 17.6.0 update. It is available in the Building section of a Clan.


Black Market is a place where clan members can trade currencies for exclusive items that they cannot get in other places, or exchanging one currency with another. The more the player trades, the more deals will be available up to a maximum of 8 trades with level 1 Black Market.


The Black Market has a restriction applied to new clan members, not allowing them to access the market. For the restriction to be lifted, new clan members must have at least 3 days of experience in the clan, without being banished. After the three days, the market will be available to access. This restriction is in place mainly for clan hoppers.


Your clan starts with level 1 Black Market, to upgrade it to a higher level, the clan leader must start the upgrading by pressing the Start the construction button. Afterward, the Black Market will be accessible to all clan members to trade and the Craft Experience Bar will show up. To raise the bar meter, clan members must purchase deals that are available in the market, on the top right of each deal will show some Craft Experience that they will get if they make that deal, and more deals will become accessible. You can also speed up leveing up the Black Market by spending a certain amount of Gems (depends on Black Market level) When the bar fulls, your clan's market will be upgraded to the next level if your clan's fort has reached the required level. Levelling up will unlock more exclusive deals to trade with. You can only access a certain Black Market level by achieving the required Clan Rank.


The Black Market resets every 1 week, along with every trades and bring newer ones. This can also be done manually by pressing the Reset button, the market can be reset for a maximum of 4 times. The first reset is free, the second reset costs 20 gems, the third reset costs 30 gems, and the 4th costs 70 gems. After resetting 4 times, the reset button disappears. The number of free resets depends on the level of your black market with 5 being the max for a Level 6 Black Market.

List of possible trades

The trades in the market are fully randomized, so there are no guarantees that all of the trades below will show up at a single time.

List of payments

Removed Trades

Level Requirements and Rewards

These are the rewards that are obtained when the Black Market got leveled up, and the requirements for those levels:

Level Requirement Reward
Level 2 Level 4 Fort Merchant Shovel
Level 3 Level 6 Fort Merchant Glider
Level 4 Level 8 Fort Merchant Hood
Level 5 Level 9 Fort Mystic Merchant
Level 6 Level 10 Fort Treasurer


  • Initial release.
  • A bug where the items bought in the Black Market weren't showing in the Armory was fixed.
  • Players won't receive offers for the items that they already have.
    • However it is still not fixed and players continued seeing offers for items that they already had
  • The prices were revised.


  • Gems are no longer obtainable from the black market.


  • Weapons and battle credits are no longer obtainable from the black market after the Cartoon Lottery starts. Anyone who had weapons or battle credits shown in the black market before were also reset immidiately.

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