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The Black Obelisk is a Primary weapon introduced in the 21.6.0 update.


It is an Egyptian-themed Primary weapon that weakens enemies and temporarily blocks their jump ability.


It taken on the appearance of some enchanted black stone with gold runes and decals, and it has a golden formation of an Egyptian figure as the base. The barrel is golden yellow and is partly broken off into levitating purple shards.


This weapon performs similarly to Rifle.me Online with no travel time and a few extra effects.

It has a fixed delay. This means that when the play switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Black Obelisk will always have a short pullout delay lasting around half a second.




  • Take out it's users from long range, though remember it has a scope.
  • Ambush them with powerful shotguns like Chickaboom!, Viking or Ultimatum. Be careful of its Weakening.png attribute however.

Equipment Setups

  • Hold a high mobility Melee weapon like the Ban Hammer for moving around the map.
  • Use a powerful Heavy weapon or something with AreaDamage.png to take out large groups of enemies.


  • Initial release.

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