Not to be confused with a weapon with a similar name, the Blinder.
Use this tactical RPG to make sabotage in the enemy rear. It is light, takes little space, while the damage is very high (both to a single target and area).

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Blighter is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 15.2.0 update.


It is a white grenade launcher that shoots grenades/bombs with area damage. This weapon has a decent fire rate, average capacity (for its category), and average mobility.


It is a re-skin of the "Bastion".

The weapon has a white and grey body with white and grey stock, handle, ammo magazine with a red "X" with a red dot in the center of it, grey and dark grey grip, a grey and partly red muzzle.


This weapon shoots small, brown/black grenades or cluster bombs that have looping shot, so they have a medium bullet travel time. Moreover, these projectiles leave a smoky trail and on impact, they leave a medium-sized explosion.

When reloading, the clip is taken out and is replaced by another one. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Since this has the same attributes as the Bastion, always take into account of the looping shot. Aim slightly above the opponent since the projectile will drop.
  • Always utilize it's area damage by aiming the ground or any surfaces near the opponent.
  • This weapon deals no damage while Rocket Jumping,so make those 8 shots count.


  • Any kind of snipers would suffice in any medium ranged combat, especially if you could snipe them from afar.
  • A high damage dealing weapon (such as the Undertaker) added with quick maneuvering should be able to beat them if you get ambushed.
  • Stay away from the user by equipping high mobility weapons and keeping your distance from them.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a good primary and at least one long-ranged weapon.

  • This weapon would be able to provide the user with decent gameplay during the level span of 12-26. In the right hands, this weapon could be used within levels 27+. The only downside is that this is a clan weapon, therefore you need to be inside a clan and this may prove to be slightly difficult for low leveled players, but it is still relatively common to get this if you are already inside one.



Initial release.


It is no longer obtainable from the Clans System.


  • It shares the exact firing sound of the Demoman.
  • In the gallery description, it claims that it's a "tactical RPG", despite the weapon not using rocket-propelled grenades.
    • This is a common error for almost all grenade launchers in the Gallery.
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