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The Blizzard Generator is a Tools gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It is a blue and yellow small rectangular machine with a small blue lifting turbine below it. It has a white snowflake icon on all of its sides. A small black antenna with a light tip sticks out from the top of the machine. A small yellow square protrudes from the top. There are yellow cubes near the handle and black squares on top of it.

A player holding the Blizzard Generator.


The blizzard generated by this gadget is able to slow down enemies, making it useful for stopping an opponent's escape plan or shutting down an enemy frontal assault.



  • Use this gadget in small and narrow corridors, such as the underground tunnel in Two Castles. The range of the gadget should be able to extend to the whole width and makes it difficult, if not impossible, for your opponents to get around it.
  • Use the ability to slow down enemies with this gadget to shut down an opponent's escape plan by throwing it in their general direction they try to run towards.
  • Use it to prevent a speedy opponent, such as one carrying a weapon with high mobility like Neutron Pulsator, from making a swift and powerful frontal attack on you. Throw this in their direction to try and slow down their charge.
  • This can deal with rapid damage to enemies if they are in its range, so make sure to try and land it on large groups if possible.
  • This can be useful for preventing weakened enemies from escaping.
  • In modes such as Arena or Campaign, this gadget can be used to slow down and damage monsters.
  • Use this near the other team's spawn to reduce their mobility and finish them off with a powerful weapon once their spawn protection wears off.


  • There is still time to avoid the Blizzard Generator as it rolls along the ground and before it activates, so it isn't entirely the hardest thing to dodge, especially with a well-timed rocket jump.
  • The range of the blizzard can be avoided by simply going around it, most specifically if it is thrown in a large, open areas and not narrow, cramped locations.
  • This isn't exactly the most hidden gadget, so it is still able to be seen and avoided.
  • Try picking off its users from a decent distance. Another option is to kill the user while they're about to throw it. During this phase, they can't attack for a very short window of time.
  • Try Rocket jumping or using a transportation weapon such as the Pulling Sucker Gun to get away if you are caught in its radius.



Cooldown Duration
Initial tier 35 seconds 5 seconds
Tier 1 34 seconds 5 seconds
Tier 2 33 seconds 6 seconds
Tier 3 32 seconds 6 seconds
Tier 4 31 seconds 6 seconds
Tier 5 30 seconds 7 seconds
Tier 6 29 seconds 7 seconds
Tier 7 28 seconds 8 seconds
Tier 8 27 seconds 8 seconds
Tier 9 26 seconds 9 seconds
Tier 10 25 seconds 9 seconds
Final tier 24 seconds 10 seconds


  • This gadget, along with other gadgets like the Sticky Candy and the Astral Wand, can slow down nearby players.
    • However, the Sticky Candy and the Astral Wand are Throwing gadgets, while this is a Tools gadget despite being thrown like a grenade upon use.
  • This gadget seems to possess a similar appearance to Snowball and has a very close function to the Ultimate Ability, Blizzard, of Mei, both from Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch.
    • Both deploy a drone-like device that creates cold air and snow in a given area to where it was thrown.
    • Both the Ultimate and Gadget also slow down enemies if they are hit by the winds/snow.
    • However, Mei's Ultimate can freeze enemies solid, something the Blizzard Generator is unable to do, even with prolonged exposure to its blizzards.
  • Killing a player with the Blizzard Generator gives you the "Cold Shoulder" kill achievement, as well as bonus points.

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