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Block World is the second world of Campaign introduced in the 4.1.0 update. It contains 6 stages. It appears to be one of those different realms where fantasy is reality and home is a dream.


It consists of multiple floating islands. The first floating island, in one part has a house with a grassy land and multiple trees, including a mushroom tree. In the other part, there is a desert, multiple cacti, 2 palm trees, a pyramid and a Sphinx. Both parts have stone on the bottom.

The floating islands above the desert part of the first floating island are Sky Islands. There are a few trees, clouds, a grassy environment, a waterfall and a rocky arc.

The white floating island near it is Winter Island. It includes an icy floating island, a white, snowy house, dirt on the top of the island's surface and 3 winter trees.

The floating island above it is Hell Castle. It is a floating island with an effusive volcano.

Finally, next to it, there is a floating island about The End. It is a floating island which consists of 3 parallel pillars, with each having a parallel crystal on top.


  • Despite Hell Castle being mostly being a castle and inside a hell-themed environment, the floating island looks different.
    • However, it may be possible that the hell castle is located inside the volcano.


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