• XXVihtlzXx

    Lucky Chest

    December 1, 2016 by XXVihtlzXx

    Alright, first off, I am usually not a lucky person, so when I heard of the new Lucky Chest feature a while ago, I thought I was going to get nothing, but that all changed today. I got the Bastion (aka the gun I really wanted)

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  • XXVihtlzXx

    I'm Alive

    March 1, 2017 by XXVihtlzXx
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    February 22, 2017 by XIABCIx

    On this day on history, I reach 1111 edits, along with the 96,000th edit on the wiki. I would like to thank my buddy Ian and all the chill peeps in this wiki. I feel like this wiki is growing again.

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    The Luck

    November 28, 2016 by XIABCIx

    2 Days ago, my friends, Ian/Raymond, came to my house to do a science project. For that whole day, I was ranting about how I really wanted the semi-auto sniper. After the project, we had a little time left before they had to go. So Ian was playing PvZ Heroes, and even though I don't play it, I say, "Can I open the premium pack?" I open it, and then I get him a Legendary (Pretty hard to get). Raymond wouldn't let me open his premium packs (2)....He gets a Yeti :}.

    I go to my iPad, not thinking about my rants earlier that day, and when the arrow reaches the gems, my surroundings get tense. 

    Then the world exploded. 50 gems.

    That was the first time I get 50 gems. Ian has gotten that (And the Power Claw...And the Golden Friend....And the Bastion.…

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    The Future of the Wiki?

    November 19, 2015 by XIABCIx

    I remember this wiki long before I joined. There were way many active users. Now, there is not much of a diversity, as only 10 of the 200+ users are frequently active. And blog posts. There are barely any blog posts with a long strand of comments. Communication is starting to suffer. What does this mean for this wiki?

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    Server Creation???

    October 29, 2015 by XIABCIx

    I might (MIGHT) be making a Server on Area 52 labs on DM. Comment if you want to join. Once a few people join, I will be changing the time perhaps.

    Time?: This Saturday at 6:00 PM Central Time

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    December 28, 2015 by XIABCIx

    Okay, I do have enough weapons to start my own armory, but I don't have ALL of them, if you're wondering. I don't hack, and my glitched gem shipments are gone, so my accounts are left with only about 7 gems, 12 gems, and 407 gems.


    • Combat Rifle Up2
    • AK-48 Up2
    • Rapid Fire Rifle Up1
    • Swat Rifle Up2
    • Automatic Peacemaker Up2
    • Marksman Up2
    • Laser Cannon Up2
    • Predator Up2
    • Secret Forces Rifle

    (I think I missed some of them :P)


    • Fast Death Up2
    • Hitman Pistol Up2
    • Mr. Deejay Up2
    • Photon Pistol Up1
    • Water Pistol Up2
    • Dual Machine Guns Up2
    • Plasma Releaser Up1
    • Alien Blaster Up2
    • Exterminator Up2
    • Dual Hawks

    Melee (Not a lot)

    • Chainsaw
    • Miner Weapon Up2(lol my friend made me get this for 10 coins and 5 gems)
    • Storm Hammer(Sucky now)
    • Fire Orb Up2
    • Fire Demon Up2
    • Dark Force Saber Up2(Grea…

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    This glitch is amazing in deadly games, and I've only told one non-relative player. This glitch requires 2 capes- one HAS to be berserk cape. Now I can't tell you anymore. I shouldn't be telling you this glitch at all, but it's for the wiki...

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    How to Destroy the Spammers

    October 31, 2015 by XIABCIx

    If you have hammer ur self : SUICIDE METHOD a distance 2.shoot them 3.once they come close, hit them with ur hammer Note: if they have berserk cape or ur hurt you will die too= SUICIDE METHOD

    If you have fast attack and high mobility melee: DARING METHOD 1. run away (Usually if you have berserk boots you can run faster than the spammer) 2. Keep shooting them 3. Once they come close and they're last hammer strike is cooling down, charge toward them and slice their face off (Fast attack speed works best)

    OR use Mines Launcher  :} (Not as effective cuz they might be blasted TOWARD you)

    OR snipe them from a high place unreachable from hammer range

    OR derp way: keep prototyping them while backing up (Really stupid but effective...kind of)

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    Found a Gem By Chat :P

    December 6, 2015 by XIABCIx

    Lol so before I was ranting about my place of the "Badge Leaderboards", right? I was just responding to my daily conversation and then I got the "Luck 64K Edit". Now I'm 16th :)

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