• Bunji Craze

    Hey guys! sorry for being unactive.

    Recently my favourite cat died but im over it now. Plus I have got another cat.

    Also it was my birthday recently aswell.

    I hope you guys understand and I will try to contribute to this wiki everyday.


    Bunji Craze ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

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  • Bunji Craze

    Pixel gun 3d dating

    August 17, 2014 by Bunji Craze

    I absolutely hate pixel gun 3d dating. It's annoying and stupid. Whenever i see a server called "need boyfriend/Girlfriend" I usally go on the server and kill anyone in sight. I also hate how people call themselves "Hot Boy" or "Hot Girl" its extremely annoying and all they want is attention.

    Tell me what you think! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Bucketman4

    Lately while roaming around the Pixel Gun 3d wiki, I've noticed quite a lot of information that has utterly no use. I've been reading posts on Melee weapons and I'm seeing things like "This weapon is a melee weapon, therefore, it has unlimited ammo" or "To use this weapon click the attack weapon next to the jump button." now, granted I don't know how long those post haven't been edited, I don't know much about any of that, but my question is why would you put that it has "unlimited ammo"? Melee weapons are blunt or edged objects that you hit/stab a subject with, you don't shoot it, so therefore you don't say it has "unlimited ammo". Next is the subject on saying how to use the weapon, if you were explaining how to use a melee weapon(or any…

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  • Bucketman4

    I found out that a random person can just edit your profile, they can put whatever they want to on it, what I don't get is why is it allowed that someone can just go up and edit someone else's profile? Editing someone's profile is invading their space, and their identity. Its your profile, only you should have the right to edit it. I think the only people that can edit ANYTHING on a wiki are people who have made accounts, how do you think all these people that vandalize pages get away with it? (now granted, not all get away with it)

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  • Boleyn06

    how many games do u win??

    September 6, 2014 by Boleyn06

    Just wondering..

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  • Bo$$ Eats Cheese

    I know many wikis have had this talk, but wiki contributors really need to stop at the bad edits, and some even members! We need quality edits guys. I have noticed this on a few pages, and I don't want more problems.

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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    Congratulations: TheMCGamer You have won the tournament with the best gun idea!!

    Spec Ops Sniper Rifle

    “ This sniper is famous for its .338 caliber bullet. Favored by military forces around the world. „

    ~ Description


    Damage: Max (Insta kill)

    Fire Rate: 3

    Ammo: 10/20

    Cost: 200 coins

    Special: 10x optical zoom

    The firing sound is the same as the Headhunter.

    Cost: 190 coins

    Thank you all for entering your weapons!! Next tournament starts in a while!!

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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    Hello there Pixel gunners yes I am back from like 2 months of frozen computer time ( :) ) I will have a new tournament as suggested by a few gunners and people!!

    This tournament is.... Best Sniper OR Shotgun!!!

    Rules Once again these are the rules 1. Lay out has to be like this

    (Name Of Gun) - Cost Damage: Type: Sniper or Shotgun Rate: (Per Sec. So be accurate!!) Special: (Not necessary) Mobility: Capacity:

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Ends on 9/18/14

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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    Der Riese Cost: 200 Type: Heavy Machine Gun Damage: 2 Hearts Fire Rate: 20 Per Sec. Ammo: 100/200 Special: None " Total Annhilation, destruction, and free potatoes of course "

    Black-Bomba Cost: 250 Type: Special Damage: Infinite Fire Rate: Single-hot Ammo: 1/2 Special: Creates a black hole where the shot landed and sucks all players in from a small radius "Whats that, It's a black hole causing devastation on the battle field and ripping enemies apart to lifeless strings...KO"

    Potato-Gun Cost: 100 Type: Shotgun Damage: 4 Hearts Fire Rate: Pump- Action Ammo: 5/25 Special: Does splash damage and takes away 3 hearts from the splash "Potatoes are what keep the economy going. Like this picture of a potato "

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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    Hello Pixel gunners I will be having a tournament for up to 10 people!!

    This tournament will be...... BEST CUSTOM MADE WEAPON You will need to put in my wall and you will automatically be entered!!


    1. Must have-> Damage, Type ( Shotgun ), Ammo, Special ( Not needed ), and a description. EXAMPLE

    Potato-Gun Cost: 100 Type: Shotgun Damage: 4 Hearts Fire Rate: Pump- Action Ammo: 5/25 Special: Does splash damage and takes away 3 hearts from the splash "Potatoes are what keep the economy going. Like this picture of a potato " 2. Be fair!! 3. Have fun!!! $. If it's possible please put a picture!!

    At least 5 people need to submit there gun and then we start!! Good Luck!!

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