• SmartADEL

    ELA Story

    September 17, 2020 by SmartADEL

    “Hello Martin,” she said, and laughed, and pushed the Stop button. Martin thought to himself, oh no, this is bad. This is really bad. I need to get off this elevator. But it was no use trying to get off, he didn’t want to touch the fat lady, that made him feel deeply uneasy and sent a shiver a down his spine. She was still smiling at Martin, watching him with an expression of happiness. Martin tried to look the other way, but he could not. He was stuck. His heart was bursting with speed as if it wanted to leave his body. For a second, he thought it did. He put a hand over his heart just to make sure, and sure enough it was there. He gave up trying to do anything, because there was nothing to do except one thing. It was to beg himself out o…

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  • Michael with a B


    September 1, 2020 by Michael with a B

    Sorry for spelling errors and bad grammar.

          pixel gun 3d is a game I have played for seven months now. I have learned some things, made some bad decisions, and have gotten decently good at three cat spamming. starting at the very beginning when i was level one. My favorite weapon was the frag grenade it was 2014, and i sucked. three cat spamming wasn't around at that time, that or my level was too low. The minute i started getting actually decent players that knew how to aim i quit, because I was only eight and i was salty. later on I got on about 7 months ago and I still sucked. I still never saw any three cat spammers at that time either, but i soon realized that the easiest mode was co op. because I thought it would be a good idea t…

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  • TheBetterTwix

    COVID-19 Sadness

    August 28, 2020 by TheBetterTwix

    I have been very bored in quarantine... I hope they make a vaccine soon I'm bored asf.

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  • Wyvernxy

    Chipping whip is op because of the area damage and his fast firerate(shows 76 but acctually is 88+)you can make the weapon more broken bei adding the shiv module which makes the firerate faster (causing more dps [damage per second]) but I recomment to use the magic module combination because you can run away from your enemy after every kill (I got got an rampage because of that method) It is a super underrated gun. Don't spend money on this gun tho if you want to spam it the bad thing about this weapon is that it has a low mobility and you have counter countless of heavy spammers. I highly recomment this weapon if you want to have fun because it is really fun to use. 

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  • Dpoopoop

    Here are the best guns you can buy with just some coins, or are easy to get. You don't have to wait for specific Trader's Van events or get lucky with set events.

    Continue this page, editors!

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  • MLG247
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  • BossBoy08

    Far Range Shotguns

    September 10, 2020 by BossBoy08
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  • Dawn Lynch


    September 6, 2020 by Dawn Lynch
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  • Captain DaCATSY

    PG3D's best guns.

    September 3, 2020 by Captain DaCATSY
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  • Master Tyrannosaurus
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